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Sunshine Coast trip (cont.)

6th January. I woke up at 6am. The weather was totally different from the day before. Sunny day. You know what? Queensland is often called “Sunshine state”. 321 more words

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Spontaneous trip (Sunshine Coast)

At 6:45am, 5th January 2016, I was at the Sydney Airport.

I booked my flight to Sunshine Coast Airport from Sydney by spontaneously at the end of December. 325 more words


The Spit to Manly Walk

1st of January, 2016. It was one of the best New Year’s Day in my life.

In my home country, Japan, we have a tradition. On New Year’s Day, we usually gather at one place, such as Grandma’s house and so on and have a big meal, celebrate new year, visit temples or shrine and pray for the safe year. 401 more words

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Album Review for "Entitled" by Torae

Torae’s “Entitled” album is not bad: that’s my highest criticism of the album. It’s not bad, but it is not great. Torae raps hungry as usual. 364 more words

Travel • Airlie Beach

I love Airlie Beach, I could seriously see myself there living, it’s the gateway to the Whitsundays, why wouldn’t I want to stay there?

The main issue with Airlie is that Whitehaven Beach, it’s the beach that you go there to see, and anything else in comparison is a huge letdown. 150 more words


Cruising In My Chevy

                Today is a beautiful day to start a road trip. It is about 60 degrees and partly cloudy with just the right amount wind. These days are awesome for freeway driving conditions. 242 more words

East Coast (Sunshine Coast - Airlie Beach)

After experiencing the city life in Brisbane for a few days I was eager to go swimming in the ocean and relax on a beach again. 846 more words

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