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Art Deco - Napier

Days 8-9 Napier

Day 8 and 9 were supposed to be in Taupo having some adventures, but because of the bad weather over much of the North Island, everything I had planned and booked got cancelled or postponed. 718 more words

Tasting of wines

Day 7 – Napier – Hastings

Today I plan to stay around the area, find somewhere nice for lunch and maybe a wine tasting or two. 744 more words

Hawke's Bay

Day 6 – Gisborne to Napier

Waking up to another stunning day in Gisborne, sun is shining and the wind has died down. That’s great for my but not so much for the draught sickened area. 639 more words

Slip and slide

Day 5 – Gisborne – Rere Rock slide    

This morning is going to be the same as where I left off yesterday, spent with family. This time it will be with my Grandmother, now in a nursing home and over a year since I was last able to see her, it was really nice to chat and catch up with her. 612 more words

The Start of Something New

Life changes. Life adjustments. All good things, but they have been a bit of a struggle. It has been six months since all of this excitement started and honestly, we’re still going through it all. 97 more words


Exploring the State with the Most Ski Areas

I grew up skiing. Its the only thing I would really say I’m an expert in. I learned to ski  when I was three and I have been doing it ever since. 345 more words


Feeding Rays

Day three, Te Aroroa to Tatapouri

Well that was an interesting night, woke up to a shaking camper van, thinking it was an earthquake I got up and looked outside, only to find a massive cow having a good old scratch on the back of the camper 😊, a quick scare and back to sleep before another culprit woke me up again in the morning, tried to tell him there’s plenty of fence post he could use instead the van but he didn’t listen and just carried on. 800 more words