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EastEnders bosses modelled Kathy Beale's shock return from the dead on the 'Canoe Man' case

EastEnders boss Dominic Treadwell-Collins has defended Kathy Beale’s shock return from the dead – admitting it was modelled on the 2007 ‘canoe man’ case.

When Kathy Beale came back from the dead during the EastEnders 30th anniversary live week episodes, some questioned the credibility of the plot twist, given that she had died in a car crash in South Africa nine years prior. 659 more words


EastEnders spoilers: Sharon Mitchell and Kathy Beale are finally reunited for dramatic showdown in the Arches

Sworn enemies Sharon Mitchell and Kathy Beale come face-to-face for an explosive scrap in the Arches in upcoming dramatic EastEnders scenes.

It’s been 21-years since Sharongate but the tension between the two feisty blonde Walford ladies hasn’t fizzled out – even a fake death couldn’t sort that one out. 473 more words


EastEnders star Jane Slaughter is 'thrilled' that Tracey the barmaid finally has an exciting storyline

Forget Kathy Beale’s return from the dead and Bobby Beale killing his older sister, Lucy – the biggest EastEnders twist of all time has recently left fans reeling. 433 more words


EastEnders spoilers: Wellard is being brought back from the dead for Robbie Jackson's return

He was EastEnders’ most-loved dog (Sorry Lady Di) so when Robbie Jackson returns to Albert Square later this month, it’s no real surprise to hear he’s bringing with him a new-look Wellard. 398 more words


Is this EastEnders slap the worst one in TV history?

Peggy Mitchell was the Queen of dishing out a good slap.

Carmel Kazemi, not so much.

Actress Bonnie Langford was blasted by viewers for one of the worst slaps ever seen on TV in tonight’s emotional episode of EastEnders. 274 more words


EastEnders 25th August

With the upcoming, potentially drama packed Ramsgate episodes and the previous week of Kathy centric drama, admittedly tonight’s episode was a little bit of a non-event. 1,050 more words


EastEnders: Life’s ups and downs

I’m constantly amazed at how good EastEnders is. Though there are still too many tedious scenes involving superannuated beetroot-faced thug Phil Mitchell, or Ronnie and Roxie bleating “you’re my sister and I love you” at each other every five minutes, there’s also brilliant drama like the current baby storyline and the fiendishly clever way the Lucy Beale murder story seemed to be resolved and then came roaring back into life. 337 more words