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Bronze for the Bunny...and a Little Politics

EB: So, your dumb book got another award?

Me: Yeah, isn’t it great…and it’s not a dumb book.

EB: An Easter Story without the real Easter Bunny, that would be me, is dumb. 397 more words

Easter Bunny

The Tooth Fairy

Dearest Reader,

Because I didn’t enjoy the full awkward teenage experience ridden with acne and ridiculously large glasses, I have decided to get braces at the tender age of 29. 488 more words

Easter Bunny

Conspiracy theories

It occurred to me recently that much of what I hear from Brexiteers about the EU is complete fantasy. More than that, they have developed some ludicrous conspiracy theory that the EU is the work of the devil; that all foreigners are out to get us true blue Brits. 140 more words

The Tooth Fairy

While brushing my teeth this morning, I glanced at the calendar in the bathroom and noticed the reminder to visit the dentist today at eleven o’clock. 694 more words

Cultural Highlights


A Rabbit’s Tale: An Adult Easter Story (Praying Mantis Series Book 1)

Written by Diogenes Ruiz

An interesting Easter story for teens and adults. Written from a Christian fiction perspective, though not a preachy story with a totally one sided perspective. 306 more words

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Screen Names

“Whatcha doing EB?” Jack Frost asked as he hopped up on the desk next to Easter Bunny.

“UGH, It’s Easter Bunny, not EB! Stop calling me EB!!” Easter Bunny retorted. 519 more words