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Still Playing Dress-Up?

Is it any different when we dress up in our best to attend church on Sundays? Who are we really dressing up for? What about the seasonal churchgoers? 130 more words

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An Easter Memory

One Easter Sunday I remember vividly took place in the early 1940’s.  I think I was in about the First Grade.

My siblings and I had gone to bed after a mild April day with visions of wearing our new dresses Mama had made us the next day to Sunday school. 279 more words

When Your "Easter Best" Looks Pretty Bad

I didn’t give my daughter an Easter basket this year. Instead, I gave her a waste-basket. Why? Because late last night, she woke up puking. Our night was filled with trips to the bathroom, loads of laundry and cleaning up puke. 717 more words


The Great Easter Dress Decision

It’s Easter Eve, and I came back to my closet to assemble the boys’ Easter baskets, since the other half of this house’s Easter bunny has been asleep for awhile now. 539 more words

On the Hunt for Treasured Egg

Having little kids and even big ones, hunting for Easter eggs is an exciting time. I can recall getting new outfits for the kids and putting together a fun surprise basket on Easter Sunday. 116 more words

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Easter always brings fond memories of growing up in my small and rural home town of Colusa, California.  We bought new hats and tailored new dresses made every year.   194 more words