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"I just realised you can 3D Touch the Call Button."

A new revolutionary product, the one that shapes the whole category and market, often comes with a new user interface paradigm. It used to be a transition in PCs to bitmapped image and mouse as input, as opposed to command line and keyboard. 384 more words

Scooty , Mazein and Pumire/Magni Set

Easter Egg

1st Prize – Mazein Set

2nd Prize – Pumire Set (M) / Magni Set (F)

Scooty Craft


Refining the Minimise Easter egg

I love Easter eggs – not chocolate eggs, which I have not been able to eat for many sad years, but hidden non-functional goodies in computer systems. 301 more words


Easter egg: “You will be tempted”

Now that The Force Awakens is out on blu-ray, people have leapt on Rey’s vision and picked apart every image and every element of the audio track. 451 more words

Pokemon GO: Where’s Ditto? Easter Egg Rumors & Theories 'Butter theory' Alice in wonderland connection?

At the Pokemon GO panel at SDCC, the developers at Niantic revealed that there are still Easter eggs to discover in their augmented reality app. Legendary Pokemon still haven’t made a proper appearance, but one mystery has left the internet (and Pokemon GO reddit threads in particular) completely baffled — where the heck is Ditto? 1,333 more words

Alpha Manga

Guest Blog: That Special Something | Dave Berman

As songwriters we work very hard to create something special and memorable. We struggle to find the perfect lyric, melodic leap, or chord change that lifts our song from okay to great. 284 more words

Dave Berman

Teddy Bear Locations in Tranzit

The first teddy bear and easiest to obtain is at the bus depot. After picking up your turbine head out the door to the bench on your right. 126 more words