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REVIEW: Marooners

Marooners is a collection of multiplayer mini-games with the potential to be quite a lot of fun. There is no single player component to this game so you will either need to enlist some friends or hit the online matchmaking to play it. 1,070 more words


Notepad++ Easter Eggs

Open a file with Notepad++.
Type ‘Chewbacca’.
Select ‘Chewbacca’.
Press ‘F1’.

Instead of ‘Chewbacca’, try ‘random’.

const int nbQuote = 205;
Quote quotes =
{"Notepad++", "I hate reading other people's code.\nSo I wrote mine, made it as open source project, and see others suffer."},
{"Notepad++ #2", "Good programmers use Notepad++ to code.\nExtreme programmers use MS Word to code, in Comic Sans, center aligned."},
{"Richard Stallman?", "If I'm the Father of Open Source, it was conceived through artificial insemination using stolen sperm without my knowledge or consent."},
{"Martin Golding", "Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live."},
{"L. 3,757 more words
Easter Egg

Holy Light: Of Silence and Opposites

hello, it’s time for ghosts
darkness is now too bright –
my light is entirely yours:
old brightness does not shine so new.

Friend, I miss your nemesis. 59 more words


YouTube Gaming v1.7 rolls out with improvements to chat and Android Nougat support, new easter egg [APK Download]

The YouTube Gaming app received an update yesterday, taking it to v1.7. Google has already posted the changelog and this release appears to be mostly about fixing up the chat experience. 418 more words

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Want Pikachu to Hop onto Your Shoulder in Pokémon GO? Then You’ll Love this New Easter Egg

Thanks to the latest update for Pokémon GO, which is still rolling out this very moment, a very interesting Pikachu easter egg has been discovered and we have… 231 more words


New Pokémon GO Easter Egg Lets You Look More Like Ash Ketchum

Pokémon GO features loads of Easter Eggs based all of the franchise’s different forms. However, the latest one is certainly a reference to the anime’s iconic protagonist. 136 more words