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There Are Secret Retro Doom Levels To Be Found!

IGN have been listening to the little gaming birdie, and today it told them some news that will make classic Doom fans very happy players. id Software has lovingly laid out an easter egg hunt for us throughout the upcoming reboot of the fps classic. 225 more words


Google's Searching Secrets

Google is all about helping people through the extensive search engine it is. Google does offer its own fun secrets though. The curiosity and fun in these secrets can keep the mind busy. 389 more words

Collegiate Saving

Earthbound Easter Egg Found: Controlling Buzz Buzz's Light

Even the oldest games can hold secrets and it holds true as a new Easter Egg has been found in Earthbound. The 22 year old Super Nintendo game features a kid named Ness on a journey to save the world. 145 more words

Day 1520 - Eggball

I got the largest Easter egg I have ever seen as a thank you present today. Played football with it a little bit until it broke..

Taken by Shannon Coco

Amateur Photography

Punch-Out!!: Reddit User Finds Easter Egg 29 In Year Old Game

In an age where you have to pay to see a games true ending with 2 DLC packs, classic games are still paying off with new and interesting Easter eggs! 111 more words

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Tesla's latest update turns the road into Mario Kart-style rainbows [Easter Egg Video]

Tesla pushed a new update to its fleet this weekend ( There’s no new release notes since the latest ‘Summon’ update and we have yet to see a report showing any significant improvement or new features. 189 more words


30-Year Old Secret Found In Punch-Out!!

One gaming gem that has been somewhat lost in recent years is the inclusion of easter eggs and secrets. Back in the day, they would add hours to gameplay, with kids pulling all-nighters with their friends trying to find an easter egg their friend’s friend heard about in Nintendo Power. 144 more words