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The Fascinating Mystery Of Moai Statues At Easter Island


Of all the places I’ve had the privilege of visiting throughout my travels, I can recall only a handful of locations, which left such an indelible impression that it felt, in a way, unreal to know that I was actually there; for me one such place is… 1,841 more words


Exploring Easter Island - Ahu Tongariki & Rano Raraku

Exploring Easter Island – Highlights of Day 4
Photographs by Jean-Jacques Morin
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Our Favorite Pictures and Stories from Easter Island

After Jon’s last blog post I figured all of us might need to take a break from cancer and the dark side of my disease.  We write what we are feeling at the time, so although everything he wrote is true, right now I am feeling fine and almost like my normal self, aside from all the side effects from radiation and steroids. 2,630 more words

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