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Redraw the Map, Re-Write History and Re-Invent Reality

Several odd features immediately strike the viewer of this 1929 map first published in a special issue of the Belgian magazine Variétés. As this is a Surrealist Map of the World perhaps this is to be expected. 636 more words


Explore the myths and legends that surround the isolated island of Rapa Nui

By Tania Moffat

Mysteries and myths prevail around one of the world’s most isolated islands. It is a place of many names. Natives once referred to it as Ti Pito O Te Henua (the navel of the world) and Mata Kiterage (the eyes that look up to the sky). 1,978 more words


Easter Island Travel – Isla de Pascua Mystery

The island who seems to be on every bucket list has got to be Easter Island.  They mysterious Moai stand guard for all time.  The knowledge seemingly of these majestic statues is truly timeless.  502 more words


Puna Pau Topknot (Pukao) Quarry

At the end of my last post, I mentioned the sun setting on our day, and our one last stop at the topknot quarry. These photos are definitely tinted by the golden rays of the setting sun. 248 more words

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I’m pretty sure you know why the statues on Easter Island all fell down. In fact, I’m 100% sure of it. So, rather than tell you… 620 more words

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The Quarry at Rano Raraku

If you look really carefully, on the outside left of the half-crater-mountain has a lot of little dots on it. The road takes us nearer… and those dots transform into the heads of Moai, sticking out of the ground. 625 more words

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The Marvelous Mystery of Easter Island

Halfway between Tahiti and the coast of Chile sits one of the most iconic islands in the world. At just over 60 square miles, Easter Island, or Rapa Nui as it’s known in the local language, may be small, but the impression it imbues is colossal. 934 more words

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