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The retun of Saturn

I’m back. I was honestly missing writing here, sharing my pictures and dedicating some time to my own creativity. I have been away for quite a lot. 498 more words


Frolicking sea turtles and their role in Easter Island mythology and culture

By Betty Gordon

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In November 2016, spring in the Southern Hemisphere, I took an unforgettable, two-week trip to Easter Island and Chile. 1,105 more words


Photo of the Day – Nov 19th – Easter Island

A beautiful sunrise at Easter Island inside the “Ahu Tongariki.” The Ahu Tongariki is the stone platforms on Easter Island. I’ve included an extra photo as a visual reminder… 7 more words

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New Study Revives an Old Mystery #archeology #anthropology #polynesia #easterisland #environment

Easter Island is one of the most far-flung Pacific islands to be settled by Polynesians. I’ve thought of the place as a textbook case of overpopulation, a group overrunning this small, sealed habitat and destroying their environment before Europeans arrived. 197 more words

Neat Science News

Santiago Study Abroad: Vol. 6

When we booked our trip to Easter Island, we knew we wouldn’t have very much time there. Flights to and from the island only happen once a day and since we waited until we arrived in Chile to plan our trip, our choices were very limited. 1,380 more words

Journal Entry

Arriving On Easter Island

Arriving On Easter Island (Isla de Pascua)

“The farther you go, however, the harder it is to return. The world has many edges, and it’s easy to fall off.” Anderson Cooper… 761 more words


Rapa Nui Photo Journal

Located 3,700 km of the coast of Chile, Rapa Nui, or Easter Island, is home to some of the most incredible landscapes as well as the awe insprining monolithic statues, the moai. 24 more words