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Discovering Easter Island 3

Discovering Easter Island 3- Beginning my exploration of Easter Island, part II

October 01, 2016 (cont.): After finishing my lunch at the Rano Raraki quarry, I wandered through the gift shops outside the gates. 1,083 more words

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Interview: Incoming Social Media Editor Sonya Petrakovitz

This week on the blog, we are featuring an interview with Culture, Medicine & Psychiatry social media intern Sonya Petrakovitz. Sonya will begin her tenure as the new social media editor on the journal’s blog, Twitter, and Facebook accounts in January 2017. 607 more words

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Discovering Easter Island 2

Discovering Easter Island 2- Beginning my exploration of Rapa Nui, part I

October 01, 2016: As is my habit, I was up early after a good night’s sleep. 1,667 more words

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Discovering Easter Island 1

Discovering Easter Island 1- A New Adventure to Rapa Nui (Easter Island) Begins

September 29-30, 2016: My Amazon Expedition ended and my next adventure began at the Lima Peru airport where I boarded my flight at 11:30 PM and took off at 12:15 AM heading to Santiago Chile. 1,686 more words

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Kirkus Reviews: Piratess Tilly Easter Island

An eye-pleasing picture book that offers a winning mix of adventure, science, and poetry, with a strong heroine who invites readers to view the world as a place of natural wonder.

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Murder on Easter Island

“Are you here to investigate the mysterious deaths?” I was asked when I arrived on Easter Island, shattering the image of a peaceful paradise.

“No,” I replied, but it made me curious. 110 more words


Club Sandwich

After we had climbed a volcano, we were very very hungry. And parched. Enter Club Sandwich. A little eatery in downtown Hanga Roa. The name caught my eye because I thought, is it like a club for sandwiches? 215 more words

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