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The Tiny, Frozen Hand We Reach Out To Tomorrow

“Most operas are tragic.” Gertruida is busy with one of her famous lectures on this Saturday morning. Rolbos is quietly celebrating Passover, so the usual Saturday party is a rather subdued affair. 1,260 more words

Smalltown Short Stories

The Hour of Death (A closer look into the time of Jesus` death)

For many years now I have digested various materials, both Biblical and extra-Biblical, which deal with the relative question which is being asked by many: “When did Jesus die?” First of all, let me please make it clear that regardless of our personal opinions in relation to the timing, hours and days in which Jesus was scourged, crucified, buried and resurrected; the importance of the matter is to understand that the events recorded in scripture DID happen and Jesus DID overcome death, hell and the grave. 4,612 more words


One Week Left To Order Sticky-Nuts For Passover & Easter!

There is now less than a week for you to add an artisan, gluten free, dairy free, all natural, and did we mention DELICIOUS snack to your Passover and Easter celebrations! 21 more words