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Peep Fight!

Peeps fence!

Or is that more jousting?

This is so utterly pointless and strange that I had to share it. Can you imagine how much time this took to put together? 10 more words

Peep, Peep! Happy Easter Goes the Bunny!

Peeps are so cute, it’s kind of hard just to eat them. Making a Peep wreath is the perfect way to showcase their cuteness on your front door. 72 more words


How Many Peeps Does It Take To Stop A Bullet?

How many peeps do you think it will take to stop a bullet? Watch Point Blank Peeps with Kirsten Joy Weiss!

Have a Happy Easter and try not to shoot your peeps!

Party cake flavored peep review.

Now that valentine’s day is over (WOO DISCOUNTED CHOCO THAT I Didn’t GET TO BUY) I began to notice Easter candies taking up the first shelves as entering the local grocery. 576 more words


Get your EASTER "Peeps" at It's Sugar

Just down the street from my apartment………IT’SUGAR!  I walk by here every day……….and who can resist “PEEPS”.  Not me.  Not since childhood.

BULK CANDY $13.95 a pound.   9 more words


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And PEEPS are still my fave. Chewy and gooey.

PEEPSHOW: A Photo Essay

Like them or not, PEEPS are a pop culture icon.

Can you really think of Easter candy without them popping in your head?

PEEPS have been around since the 1920s when they were hand formed, later (1953) to be mass produced by machine as we still know them today. 69 more words