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Commemorating Easter 1916

By Timothy G. McMahon

On Easter Monday, 24 April 1916, nearly 1,500 men and women in Dublin launched what came to be known as the Easter Rising, the prelude to the Irish War of Independence of 1919-21. 1,901 more words

Irish Rebellion Against Each Other?

Class struggles are something that most people either experience themselves, or witness other individuals go through. However, class struggles were something that were evident throughout the 1916 Easter Rising. 384 more words

Tori Pugh

Historical City Streets

Walking the city streets of Dublin is something I’ve grown accustomed too, I know landmarks and I know my way around (generally), but it is easy to forget that these streets were once a major part of Ireland’s history. 305 more words


The Irish Inheritance by M J Lee

Genealogical investigator, Jayne Sinclair, is contacted by an American billionaire who is seeking help in order to trace his father. Adopted at a young age, and with no recollection of his early life, John Hughes is desperate to discover his true identity before he succumbs to the illness that threatens to end his life in the following months. 322 more words


May 26, 1916

Wednesday, May 24, 1916 was Empire Day and this was marked in Ashbourne and was observed in the ‘customary manner’.

“From almost all the public buildings the Union Jack was flown and the schoolchildren were granted a half-holiday which enabled them to enjoy the brilliant sunshine which prevailed. 1,046 more words

"Such an account of incompetency"

The inquest into the Easter Rising did not show Britain at its best, though Florence Vansittart Neale.

23 May 1916
Irish debate! Such an account incompetency! 11 more words

Florence Vansittart Neale

1916: The Bridget McKane Story

This is a little piece I wrote for the Sunday Independent 1916 Bloom competition. The winners were unvelied yesterday so I can publish this now. I hope you enjoy it. 464 more words