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Turn Off The Scoreboard

How many feel that a score is being kept, a record of wrongs accumulated throughout the years?

Most times we are not even aware that we have hurt someone with our words, actions or even a facial expression. 288 more words

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February 10, 2016

Today is Ash Wednesday…Lent has begun.

I’m thinking about how Lent is a time of reflection, a time to focus attention on our relationship with God, through Jesus and the presence of the Holy Spirit. 100 more words

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Pancake Day and Lent Challange

Happy PancakeDay! I hope you’re all currently in some form of sugar coma – bring on the Nutella!!

The only time of the year I eat pancakes is Pancake Day, I think it’s a combination of tradition and never feeling motivated enough to make them myself at any other time of the year! 209 more words

Boringly Blogging About Life

Today is Pancake Tuesday!

Christians all over he world are celebrating Shrove Tuesday today. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday which is the beginning of the season of Lent. We are to begin fasting for six weeks preceding Easter, which is the biggest Christian Holiday. 214 more words

My Life

Tho9mas Hollyday, inventor and writer

olar Sipper® Products for Consumers   2016

Solar Sippers were invented by Thomas Hollyday, writer o f nature articles, activist for water resources for animals, and author of many Chesapeake Bay mysteries and romances available at Amazon Kindle. 134 more words

A Jar too Far

Blowing a gale here – the end of storm Henry – so headed for the shops for some light relief.

Easter Sunday is March 27th – a mere eight weeks away. 20 more words



I’m done with you hypocrites! I told a friend I’d be enjoying a hotel stay and nice meal for Easter Sunday, and he went off about how I’m “part of the problem” this and “keeping the system alive” that. 551 more words

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