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Easter Eggs

Easter eggs, also called Paschal eggs, are decorated eggs given to celebrate Easter or Springtime.The oldest tradition is to paint chickens eggs for decoration. Some people still do this with their children but make sure they give delicious chocolate eggs too. 252 more words

Fine Art

Theology of an Easter Tree

You may wonder at the words above belonging together. In my experience ‘Easter Tree’ alone tends to be met with blank looks, never mind a theology thereof. 240 more words


Austin Easter/Christmas Tree

Some things about Austin remain weird. My neighbors have had this tree up for several years, year round. I love it. It’s Easter today. Happy Merry Christmas Easter from Austin.


Hello my friends! Happy Easter! I hope that you are not feeling too bloated on chocolate and have enjoyed the day ;) Granted it hasn’t been as sunny this weekend as we’d hoped for but hey, we’re Brits and we’ll make the most of it. 256 more words

Sunday Night Feeling

Easter Tree Creativity

Having just written a post about creativity where I featured a photograph of Volker Kraft decorating his spectacular Easter Tree, I had to write another post dedicated to the Kraft’s. 346 more words


Easter fun!

I’m definitely one for an occasion – I absolutely love Christmas and Easter. I have even more of an excuse to go a bit over the top now that I have a little one! 160 more words

Easter Tree

I am so in love with our Easter tree! A mini maple tree in a vase, branches with tightly closed buds, adorned with our blown, painted eggs and surrounded at its base by bare soil. 87 more words