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Wrapped in coloured foil
Chocolate bunny lay crumpled
In the parking lot

It dismayed the child
He hid the treat carefully
Behind the car tyre… 76 more words

The 100 Day Project

oh yeah...


Heeeeeeeey there…

It’s funny, the longer I went without blogging, the harder it was to figure out what to write about and it turned into this nasty downward blogging spiral of, “ooo that just happened, I should write about it… but well then there were those 14,234 other things I wanted to write about, too. 254 more words



A post by GillyK about a ‘riotous’ baptismal service got me thinking.

I was a mature student. In those days it meant I was twenty-five years old, or more. 346 more words


Study China programme - accepting applications now

Study China applications for Easter 2016 can be made from now until 16 November 2015. Early application is advisable.

For full details of the programme, applicant eligibility, finance options and how to apply, visit www.studychina.org.uk/apply/


Flare up cravings

I don’t know why it happens but when I have a flare up, I crave chocolate!

It might be because when my pain is really high I can’t handle meals, I normally enjoy dinner but when you feel that rough its hard and so maybe that is the cause, or it could be my body needing the energy that the sugar gives because what people don’t realise is that pain is tiring. 122 more words

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