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Spring Gone

Green, pink, yellow 

in the English Ivy

last Easter’s eggs

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Longaberger 2017 Wood Crafts Easter Egg Multi-color Set New

Longaberger 2017 Wood Crafts Easter Egg Multi-color Set New
2017 Longaberger WoodCrafts Easter Egg Set~~ Made In USA ~~** Ready To Ship! ** Listing Includes: Six WoodCrafts Easter EggsBrand New & Still In Original Wrap Set Includes One Of Each Color: Yellow, Lavender, Celadon Green, Turquoise, Bright Pink, And Bright Orange Eggs Are Designed With A Flat Bottom So They Will Stand On EndApproximate Measurements: 2 3/4" Diameter3 3/4" TallSmoke HomeCheck Out My Other Items! 30 more words


Lemon Custard Tart

This tart recipe is terrific. I love the luscious and creamy lemon custard filling, which I developed for a recipe for lemon custard sheet cake… 456 more words


Semana Santa

For ten beautiful days at the first of April, my mom and dad paid me a visit. We spent a few days in Madrid, four days in London, and another couple of days back in Madrid. 545 more words


Moulton Barn

Sunset at the T.A. Moulton Barn

Taken with my iphone7+


Phillip Medhurst presents drawings of Christ by Heinrich Hofmann colourised 14 Mary Magdalene encounters Jesus risen

14 Heinrich Hofmann. Am Auferstehungs-Morgen. Kommet zu Mir – Bild 13. Original drawing in pencil. John 20:11-18.
In both of these colourisations a limited palette (each at the opposite end of the spectrum) sets the tone of quiet restraint of dawn’s early light – Noli me tangere – in contrast to the garish hues expressing the hands-on grief of the artificially-lit Entombment.