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The Special Day: A Play

Cubicles, chairs, lives wasted making other people rich. A completely normal office.

Dancing arrives at work to a seemingly empty office. When he turns on the lights, everybody leaps out in a surprise attack of balloons and party poppers. 294 more words

Concise Plays

Happy New Year! (Wait, What?)

Happy New Year, everyone! *blows party horn and throws confetti*

Uh . . . wait, what?

Did we just skip December? *checks calendar* Yeah, see? It’s still November! 1,900 more words

The Church

Where did Christmas Go?

While the faithful wonder “where did Christmas go?”- the purchasing public decry how materialistic Christmas has become. Christmas didn’t go anywhere. It has become what “we” wanted it to become as materialism has waxed and faith has waned. 368 more words


The Life we Wait For

This past Summer as Maureen and I prepared our move to Rhode Island, our younger daughter Kayleigh was coming to the end of her own time of transition. 1,514 more words


Moms around the world: Susanne from Spain

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone.

This year’s was different from last year’s … which was different from the one before that. It takes some discipline to carve out traditions – traditions that will one day hopefully serve as our children’s sweetest memories. 1,209 more words

Around The World

Every Holiday is a Commercial Holiday

On the 31st of October the streets were filled with ‘trick or treaters’ and many of us dressed up (some scarier than others) to attended Halloween themed parties and events. 1,100 more words