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Larry Boothe: From Munich With Love

To the casual observer, Larry Boothe was an American embassy worker in Munich, recently graduated from college and enjoying an overseas assignment with his family. In reality, he was undercover for the CIA, regularly traveling into the Eastern Bloc to recruit spies and steal secrets. 482 more words

Class Notes

Russia's Great Patriotic War

First, while most Asians are short, I think most Chinese people are average height to tall… after all, they’re the only Asian people that ever get drafted by the NBA! 1,276 more words


Impressions of Warsaw

As I look around Warsaw, it’s difficult for me to imagine that Nazi Germany bombed this city to the ground in World War II. Warsaw is alive and bustling, the capital of Poland and the most prosperous city in the country. 179 more words


The Third Bloc that Never Happened: Tito and the Non-Aligned Movement

We’d associate the idea of a socialist union among states outside of the Eastern Bloc with Mao and his teachings, specifically those on the subject of the third world. 1,133 more words


Meopta Movie Equipment

Perhaps the movie equipment from the Soviet Union is well known and popular in the world, but in the COMECON member countries, the Czechoslovakian equipment were the only alternative having near quality to those made in the Western and Eastern counterparts. 960 more words