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A Low-Budget Intelligence Service

When dealing with Antifa, it is important not to underestimate them. They may look like dumb street goons, but many are very educated and intelligent – usually way more so than any militia, neo-Nazi or KKK group. 987 more words

Eastern Bloc: Latvia and Lithuania

I recently made the trip to Latvia and Lithuania to explore the old towns of these former Soviet countries. My first observation of both, particularly Lithuania, is that they were what I expected Russia to be like. 695 more words


el ritmo eastern block party

Come to the Eastern Bloc….The el ritmo Eastern Block Party is on again on Tuesday night at Victor’s flat above RTRFM. Bring vodka and perhaps some jazz and funk records. 305 more words

Barbara Brylska

Barbara Brylska: Eastern Bloc actress of the Soviet era, born 1941 in Poland during NAZI occupation, on screen 1963 – 2009.


Bad propaganda and Trabis at Berlin's DDR Museum

I was in Berlin last month with my family. My son had prepared his Middle School exam on Berlin after World War II: the end of the war, the four Allied zones,the rise of the Soviet zone, the Berlin airdrops, the building of the Wall, the DDR, the fall of the Wall and reunification, and he was interested in seeing the city he’d studied so much. 659 more words


"Matylda: And I Thought Everyone Drives a Limo in Amerika" by Filip Zachoval

“Matylda” is the story of a wide-eyed Czech boy who spends the summer of 1998 on a work exchange in the US.  Intertwined with his impressions of American food (too sugary), American cops (constantly keeping an eye on him), and American shopping (amazing, but out of his price range), are the stories of his parents and grandparents and how they made it through WWII and the rise and fall of the Soviet Eastern Bloc. 125 more words


In the wake of his timely and characteristically anticlimactic death in 1982, Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, otets-kormilets, left an uneasy procession. His ceremonial reign marked an era of socioeconomic stagnation and political regression that left the Union’s collective body – both Soviet and… 1,121 more words