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La Mystère des Voix Bulgares, Vol 1 & 2

This was trendy in the late 1980s. It’s the chorale of the Bulgarian State Radio, singing Bulgarian folk music. This CD was “exotic” in 1987 because the Cold War had separated Europe into East and West, and Bulgaria was in the East. 140 more words

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August 17, 2017 Kristen Ghodsee, author of this article, on sex and gender in the former socialist world (the documentary about East Germany is… 77 more words


Eastern/Central-ish Europe in review: Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic

A few short weeks ago we began our eight month long adventure in Bulgaria (well, actually Turkey, but that’s a whole different story). We travelled East to West, all by rail, covering the four titular countries in a shade under a month, one night in Vienna… 938 more words


Why the East Germans were so good at rowing

The use of illegal drugs in Eastern bloc countries is well-documented, but this was far from the ONLY reason for their sporting successes, and the irony is that the many other factors that led to their dominance might well have been enough on their own. 785 more words

4 Things Western Democracies Need to Understand to Stop Hostile Kremlin Meddling

In 2015, I started the Kremlin Watch Program at a think-tank in Prague. My team analyzes Russian influence and disinformation operations, and we have helped the Czech government… 881 more words


A Low-Budget Intelligence Service

When dealing with Antifa, it is important not to underestimate them. They may look like dumb street goons, but many are very educated and intelligent – usually way more so than any militia, neo-Nazi or KKK group. 987 more words

Eastern Bloc: Latvia and Lithuania

I recently made the trip to Latvia and Lithuania to explore the old towns of these former Soviet countries. My first observation of both, particularly Lithuania, is that they were what I expected Russia to be like. 695 more words