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Set during the fall of communism, a pocket full of marks and a new world ahead of you, take a dilapidated hunk of metal and embark on a grand journey to the territories of the former Eastern bloc. 329 more words

Game Spotlight

Lenin and David Bowie

David Bowie has died. In tribute, I’m posting some portions of the second chapter of Agata Pyzik’s excellent book Poor but Sexy, which I reviewed for the… 4,867 more words


Polish skinhead boots in the 1980s

And now for something off the beaten path: what you see above is the type of boots that was widely worn by Polish skinheads and punks in the 1980s due to the unavailability of Dr. 310 more words


The abandoned buildings of the Eastern bloc ~ BBC News

Christian Richter spent his teens exploring abandoned buildings in what was then Communist East Germany. As an adult he’s still doing it, but now he takes a camera to capture the advancing decay of their interiors.  1,132 more words

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Abandoned Buildings

I’ve always found abandoned places fascination, be it London’s Tube stations, Ghost towns, and even fairgrounds. Part of me wants to go and visit them and part of me wants to stay away from them, especially at night. 73 more words



What are we going to do about this political mess? It gets worse everyday. All that talk about Hillary Clinton. Well, she made some mistakes. But the Republicans are also at fault. 162 more words

808 State - Pacific State (ZTT)

A member of experimental Jazz/Rock band Biting Tongues once signed to Factory Records, Graham Massey, went on to form 808 State back in 1988 along with Manchester legendary Easter Bloc record shop owner… 67 more words