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Hungary’s Refugee Referendum Is a Referendum on Europe’s Survival

This Sunday, Hungarians are being asked to participate in what most observers consider a somewhat mysterious, or perhaps outright meaningless, referendum. The question posed by Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s right-wing government is: “Do you want the European Union to be able to mandate the obligatory resettlement of non-Hungarian citizens into Hungary even without the approval of the ?” A majority for “no” is widely expected, but such a result could neither reverse the September 2015 decision reached by EU member states to resettle asylum-seekers nor could it have any direct legal consequences in Hungary itself. 1,918 more words


Romanian Minister: Raise Prices to Fight Food Waste

For countries who want to do their part to curb waste and help the planet, Romania’s agriculture minister has a meaty idea: Raise food prices. … 210 more words


ITINERARY TRIP EROPA TIMUR ( Warzsawa, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest ) Summer July - August 2016

Warzsawa, Polandia ( 27 – 29 Juli 2016 )

Kami tiba dari Berlin di warzsawa sekitar jam 3 siang dengan menggunakan kereta api EC ( eurocity train, first class ), perjalanan Berlin – warzsawa sekitar 5,5 jam .. 2,434 more words

Eastern Europe

Look Back in Laughter / Обърни се със смях на зад

I need to read more in Bulgarian. I have been saying this since the mid-1990s. Had I been reading in Bulgarian steadily since, my vocabulary would be far richer. 1,130 more words


Moscow Looks to Gain in Moldova’s Election Amid Anger Over Corruption

Two years ago, nearly $1 billion disappeared from Moldova’s banks in a mysterious financial scheme that sparked a political crisis that’s still burning today. The missing money amounts to roughly 12 percent of the GDP of Moldova and the fallout from the scandal could tilt the country back towards Moscow. 1,101 more words


Rozhen Monastery

This weekend, my new producer and I went out to visit some really cool places throughout Southwestern Bulgaria. It was a trip back in time to the 1700s when our first stop brought us to the Rozhen orthodox monastery in Blagoevgrad Province. 428 more words


The Probably False Story Of The World's Luckiest Unluckiest Man - Frane Selak

I’m pretty sure that every single blog on Frane Selak references the Final Destination movies somehow. In those wretched flicks, a group of attractive youngsters die in a variety of dramatic ways, including being crushed by a neon sign, impaled by a flag hurled by a pussy-ass horse and trisected by a flying barbed-wire fence. 790 more words

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