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A Polish wedding (The Survival of the Fittest)

I had the honour to attend a Polish wedding in September 2016. And no, it was not mine, I’m still available, ladies.

A week before the event, a friend told me she was going to a wedding and her plus one suddenly couldn’t go. 760 more words


Were Up Up & Away - The Epic 7 Week Plan

All my life I’ve only dreamt of travelling. It was in my blood, the air I breathe, the foods I eat. I was very cultured growing up. 640 more words


Just one second per day

As I readjust to life in the States, I can’t help but reminisce about my amazing travel experiences. Each and every day was a treasure, so with the aid of my iPhone and iMovie, I have pieced together the most spectacular months of my life all in under three minutes. Enjoy!

Study Abroad

Flights from USA to Kiev, for $500/$600.

I’ve never been to Kiev but I hear it’s beautiful. Also apparently the chicken is incredible.Tell me if you book this flight, and send me a postcard if you go! 207 more words

European Community – Yugoslav Relations published

« This volume is an immense service to the field. With its extensive and informative introduction (which also carefully interrogates the value, limitations, and possible uses of the documents found therein), and its many helpful annotations, this collection provides an impressively detailed exploration of a longstanding and fl irtatious liaison between the government of socialist Yugoslavia and the organs of the European Community. 218 more words


On gods and beliefs...

A friend of mine suggested I write about my beliefs today… and I just don’t know where to start. It’s not exactly a light topic and it’s a concept I’ve always struggled with… 700 more words