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It's Summer in Moldova - A Recap from June & July

It’s summertime here and it is HOT. When it gets in the high 90’s and you need to take public transportation to get to your destination 2-3 hours away, it can be the biggest challenge to your day this time of year.  1,191 more words


Within the Month: Ukraine government will face major weaknesses

Ukraine is not in any better of a situation now than it was a year ago, when the conflict with pro-Russian (and Russian forces) was still fresh. 681 more words


My Grand Budapest Adventure

Never have I met a city so intent on creating beauty out of her scars as Budapest. It is a place where an ancient church razed by foreign invaders give rise an intricately mosaiced wedding cake of a cathedral, where lively beer gardens sprawl amongst the wreckage of bombed out World War II ruins and the artfully placed personal items of it’s citizens on sidewalks create makeshift memorials to Hungarian Holocaust victims. 855 more words

Memento Park in Budapest

One of the most fascinating places we visited was Budapest’s Memento Park.  After the fall of the USSR, and finally, by 1991, when the last Soviet soldier left Hungary, the propagandistic art of the Soviets was rounded up and sent to the outskirts of town.   887 more words


8.1.05—Day 218 Athens, Greece

Ten years ago today we lazily sauntered our way out of our hotel room in the late morning and wandered down to the beach for breakfast. 365 more words


Evaluating Ukrainian Economic Developments

In a time period where the focus on Ukraine has been primarily about its border disputes, it is relieving to see progress being made in its economic revitalization. 706 more words


7.31.05—Day 217 Hersonissos, Greece

Ten years ago today we took the bus from Palaikstro to Hersonissos. It was our last full day to hang out with Miriam and Aaron before they planned to leave for Italy. 1,325 more words