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Что там у хохлов? S1E01

Вначале я хотел написать про историю с киевским цирком и стриптизом там (жаль твёрка не было, но тут дело в том, что глобальные тренды приходят вна Украину позже всех), потом об очередном рассказе о доблестных укропах (киборгах) ну или про скидку на газ…но зайдя на известный ресурс «Украинская правда» я передумал.

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International Brigade Commemoration - London - 4.7.15

At the International Brigade Memorial in London’s Waterloo area, the International Brigade Memorial Trust (IBMT) arranged a commemoration of the Socialist and Communist inspired International Brigades that went to the aid of Republican Span in its just battle against the Hitler-supported fascism of General Franco – the only ally of Nazi Germany to have retained his rightwing rule for decades following the end of WWII and the crushing of Nazism in Germany and Western Europe.  145 more words

Leftwing Political Analysis

7.4.05—Day 190 Prague, The Czech Republic

Ten years ago today Amit brought me breakfast in bed. He had left the bars early the night before and gotten much more sleep than the rest of us. 214 more words


7.3.05—Day 189 Prague, The Czech Republic

Ten years ago today we decided to head back to Prague Castle to see more of the grounds and more of the views. It was great having Bobby along for many reasons, but one of them was that he was not yet jaded. 519 more words


When in Europe - Budapest

When living in Vienna, people are always talking about Prague, Vienna and Budapest as the three sisters. So when going to Budapest in February, I did not really know what to expect. 975 more words