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The Earliest Christian Ascetics and Their Fall From Grace

The Scripture warns against asceticism and the earliest known Christian ascetics were known to be Gnostics. While the Scripture admonishes Christians to live a life of self-sacrifice and generosity, it never warns against creaturely enjoyments. 1,656 more words


JaysAnalysis: Basic Metaphysics - Logos and Logoi (Half)

In this talk, I give a basic introduction to classical metaphysics and theology based on St. John of Damascus’ Fount of Knowledge: The Philosophical Chapters… 80 more words


Start Your Day Off Right with this 1600 year old Prayer! (You can do it, and you'll be better off for it!)

It’s old……but it is STILL good!

I often find nourishment for my faith when I read and pray through old prayers. Sure, the church has changed over the years. 250 more words


The One True Church

This is a response to a person who assumed I was a Catholic simply because I defended the position that Church history mostly favours Catholicism (and even then it is more favourable to Eastern Orthodoxy than Catholicism) 813 more words

Act of Communion, Act of Will

Almost two years ago, the Theotokos Institute for Catholic Studies hosted its first theological conference in Cardiff, Wales. The topic of the conference was ‘Eastern Christian Thought and Practice in Twenty-First Century Europe’, and invited speakers included prominent Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, and Eastern Catholic theologians from Europe and North America. 1,036 more words


A Pastische of Patristic Perspectives on Paradise

The Orthodox Church takes a different approach to the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden. Rather than the bare bones approach modern theologians take with the story (Adam is created, then Eve, then they are tempted, and expelled), the Orthodox Church has a rich tradition of expansion to the narrative. 912 more words

Why Ecotheology?

Thank you to everyone who has followed this blog, and encouraged me to keep it up! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, partly due to travel (Germany has some really excellent sustainability public policies, by the way) but the posting delay is also partly due to rethinking the structure of what I write here. 313 more words