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St. Nicholas

Many people are celebrating the feast of St. Nicholas today and what a joy! As the years pass and my children get older and older I really appreciate childlike things more and more. 251 more words


Advent Reflection - A Mom's Tears

Ask any mother and she will tell you that the tears we weep for our children are like no other. They are tears that come from deep within our souls as we cry out in pain, either for them or because of them. 508 more words


Second Reading List for Protestants Interested in the Early Church

This is the second reading list I’m putting together for Protestants who are interested in the early church, or the church fathers. This list focuses on the so called “Ante-Nicene period” or the period spanning roughly from the beginning of the third century until 312 AD, when Constantine legalized Christianity. 512 more words


Reading list for Protestants Interested in the Early Church

For Protestants who are interested in the church fathers, the early church, and even Eastern Orthodoxy, I’ve assembled a reading list of writings of the early church that you can read for free online, enjoy! 613 more words


The Great Schism

A few years ago I took a class on Church history. Naturally, one of the major topics of study was the schism between the Churches of the East and West known as the “Great Schism.” But rather than just focus on the events of 1054 (the mutual excommunication of Pope and Patriarch), our professor brought us back hundreds of years to see how the seeds of division had been planted and nurtured well before that time. 495 more words


Catechism for children

Hello friends! Today I wanted to share with you a little more about the Garden of the Theotokos curriculum and catechism for children. It has been really hard for me to incorporate catechism for my boys as part of my homeschooling, mainly because I feel there is so little time to get everything done. 392 more words