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Popular Orthodox Observations on the Doctrine of Justification

The following are quotations form several sources which presents how the Eastern Orthodox Church views the doctrine of justification. I post it here as a reference for all of those who ask. 554 more words


An Anglican, a Russian Orthodox Mystic, and a Catholic Mystic walk into a bar

What I enjoy about reading books written two or more generations before me is the issues present today were present in the past. There is some comfort in knowing we’re facing nothing new, but the despair sets in when the criticisms are ignored; or worse yet, very little is done to solve the issue. 1,524 more words

Path to Nobility

Patrick: Son of Ireland written by Stephen Lawhead is a book I have read five times, and, at the moment, currently reading. Starting the book on the week of St. 1,995 more words

More than shamrocks: The story of the real St. Patrick

Parades, concerts, shamrocks and the “wearing o’ the green” mark the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, which falls on today. But the real-life fifth century man is even more colorful. 368 more words

In Defense of the Sacraments

Depending on what church you go to, your church teaches there are two or, perhaps, seven sacraments. If you go to a Baptist church the word “sacrament” is avoided entirely in favor of another: ordinance. 833 more words


Going Beyond Forensic Justification

Martin Luther in his revolt against the Catholic Church underwent soul-searching trying to figure out how a sinful man like him can be right before a holy God. 2,099 more words