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A Pastische of Patristic Perspectives on Paradise

The Orthodox Church takes a different approach to the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden. Rather than the bare bones approach modern theologians take with the story (Adam is created, then Eve, then they are tempted, and expelled), the Orthodox Church has a rich tradition of expansion to the narrative. 912 more words

Why Ecotheology?

Thank you to everyone who has followed this blog, and encouraged me to keep it up! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, partly due to travel (Germany has some really excellent sustainability public policies, by the way) but the posting delay is also partly due to rethinking the structure of what I write here. 313 more words


The Saints: Showing Us How to Handle Every Day Evil and More

By Bethany Sheldahl

As the growing evil in the world becomes more obvious, many people wonder what is to be done about it.   Many will say “How is a Christian to act in such times?”  It is easy to be afraid, but we must not be, as fear is the enemy’s weapon, and not in our created nature.  1,084 more words

Reflecting On Things

Extremism and Secularism: A Critique of Popular Thought

By Bethany Sheldahl

There is something I find problematic within the current discourse on terrorism, extremism, and religion.  In case anyone doesn’t know, I am a Christian. 820 more words

Reflecting On Things

Ukraine’s President Calls for Recognition of Splinter Church

The Ukrainian president has called on an Orthodox Christian leader to recognize the independence of his country’s splinter church.

CHR Comment: The article refers to the divide in the Ukraine, which centers around Russian presence and involvement in the former Soviet Republic of Ukraine. 18 more words

Modern Church

July 22, 2016! Happy Name Day to all Named for Mary Magdalene!

For a person like me, who has DID and is Christian, it is important to note that there are two things that can be happening when you have symptoms like mine.  

1,117 more words
Eastern Orthodox

79. Pope St.Agatho 678-681

Monothelitism was the teaching that Jesus had both human and Divine natures but only one Divine will. This is in opposition to the Catholic position that Jesus had both human and Divine wills. 245 more words