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The schismatic Eastern Orthodox Church and the Dogma of Purgatory

Among many teachings of the Holy Roman Catholic & Apostolic Church; the Church’s dogma on Purgatory is what keeps our dear brothers in the Schismatic East separated. 613 more words


Christianity: Part 1, Introduction to Modern Groups

As I have said before in an earlier blog post, I want it to be known that I do have biases and predrawn conclusions towards many religious groups.  709 more words


Tikhon of Zadonsk: The word of God is given by God so that everyone who desires to be saved may receive salvation through it

Love the Word of God, that is the Scriptures, handed down to us by the prophets and apostles, as God Himself.

For the word of God is the word of God’s mouth. 412 more words


Being a Priest of All Creation

In the 7th ecumenical council of bishops in 787 AD that defined the Christian attitude toward material things, St. Leontes of Cyprus said this about our role in God’s creation: … 764 more words


Photoshop Editing of Orthodox Icons

Did you know that Orthodox Christian Supply does Photoshop editing of icons?  In many cases we are able to remove glare, correct blurry areas, change orthography to english, remove shadows, etc. 80 more words

Gregory Palamas: He bestowed at the time of His Transfiguration a divine power upon the eyes of the apostles

The apostles fell to the ground, unable to rest their gaze on the glory of the light of the Son, because it was a “light unapproachable”. 461 more words


What About This Joy?

How is it that the light of midday in August falls flat and heavy; it seems to near bake even the greenest of grass into a sickly hue by it’s unrelenting glare.   568 more words