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Beauty will save the world.

~ Fyodor Dostoevsky

There is an excellent explanation (by Vladimir Soloviev) of Dostoevsky’s meaning behind this quote which you can find… 26 more words


Justin Popovich: Every holy mystery and holy virtue is a little Pentecost

Through His life in the flesh on earth, the God-Man founded His theanthropic Body, the Church, and in this way prepared the earthly world for the Holy Spirit’s coming into the world, and His life and activity in the Body of the Church as the Soul of that Body. 455 more words


A New Message

If Christianity is to take a new form for a new age, then the message also needs renewing. And there has been plenty of renewing of the gospel message in recent years. 385 more words

Seraphim of Sarov: The Spirit of God fills with joy whatever He touches

When the Spirit of God comes down to man and overshadows him with the fullness of His inspiration, then the human soul overflows with unspeakable joy, for the Spirit of God fills with joy whatever He touches. 357 more words


The Benedict Option and Hickory Grove

It has been fifty years since the actions of one overbearing school board opened up an entire conversation about religious liberty, education, and the role of parents in the determination of how their children are raised.   563 more words

Quick taste of Solovyov's wisdom

I hope to delve deeply into the writings of Russian philosopher Vladimir Solovyov sometime soon.

From Russian wikiquote:

Перед высшей Божьей правдой всякая своя самодельная правда есть ложь, а попытка навязать эту ложь другим есть преступление. 111 more words


Innocent of Alaska: Death is no longer an irreversible tragedy but a passage to the world of bright and joyous life

If Adam had not sinned, he would have remained forever blessed, and all his descendants would have enjoyed blessedness.

It was for this very purpose that God had created man. 433 more words