Live Authentic

The other day, I was thinking how we grow up being told we need to go to School, pick “a” profession, go to College and land a good job. 233 more words

Easter Egg Swag

Today, I was feeling a little crafty.  I decided to try to color some eggs. I have seen on YouTube tutorials on Water Marble Nail Art.   105 more words

Is This Really Progress?

I was musing today about the unstoppable march of “progress.” Well…perhaps progress is the wrong word…how about “the unstoppable march of people”?

I don’t know what the solution is…people need places to live, of course, and if they want to live in a nice place they should be able to…but there’s no denying that when a place is known for its quiet, slow pace and rustic charm…that slow pace and charm are hard to maintain once a few thousand more people descend upon it. 704 more words

Everyday Musings

Reach For the Stars, Then Let The Sunshine In

Good Morning. It’s Sunday. Yesterday between projects I took a two mile walk and it was great, great because it feels like we’ve finally turned the corner into Spring. 196 more words

Eastern Shore

Clare Chen touts tea as a catalyst to healthier lifestyles

Clare Chen was born and raised in Taiwan. She graduated from college and was working in a lab when she decided that she wanted to explore her options. 471 more words

Featured Foodie

Moving On.....

one day at a time……

Camden did awesome today.  He is working on getting advanced to next level in Karate.  We are so proud of him.