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While I was visiting northern Minnesota recently, the Lilac trees were blooming and many Eastern Tiger Swallowtails were flying among them. The small from the Lilacs was amazing. 115 more words


Hanging Out Above Tallulah Gorge

On days devoted to whitewater boating, 500-700 cubic feet of water flows through the Tallulah Gorge every second. A cool mist rises to meet hikers from around the world swaying in awe 80 feet above on a suspension bridge. 10 more words


Small, Bigger, Biggest

These photos were all taken from my back yard.  That statement is true but I should probably add some clarification.  The three photos of the last subject were taken from my back yard but the subject was in my neighbors back yard; not mine.  233 more words


Flowers and Insects

A cosmos stretching out it’s petals trying to capture as much sun as it  can.  If you look at the petal at 2:00 o’clock you can see the slender arms of a garden fairy clapping it’s hands. 184 more words

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Presenting  a Small Mix of Some Flying Insects

A bee, two butterflies, and a skipper.

First the bee.  Coming in for a landing

and she found a spot.

The first butterfly is an eastern black swallowtail; I think a female.  188 more words

Nikon D7100

butterfly "bushes"

Late summer flowers are attracting an abundance of bees and butterflies to residential gardens now, but by far the most attractive flowers seem to be those of the succulent Stonecrop ( 302 more words

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