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This Week at Bear Creek: Summer's Door Opens - Baby Animals and Lots More Butterflies

June is the start of summer for me.  (I don’t wait for the equinox.) Courtship is complete and birds are nesting.  Young animals born in the early weeks of spring are old enough to begin exploring on their own.   1,395 more words

This Week At Bear Creek

Butterfly Effect

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature – “share a force of nature from your corner of the world.”


It is theorized that a single flap of a butterfly wing on one side of the world can cause a storm on the other. 33 more words


banner week

April has started with a show worthy of a standing ovation.  It’s a flower show and a bestiary.  After last spring’s dearth of wildlife, it’s reassuring to see so much diversity returning to the neighborhood. 54 more words

Re-post: Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on Zinnia 'Zowie'

Temps have been in the 30s and 40s here in (usually sunny) Texas, with murky gray skies almost every day. I’m in need of some color! 85 more words


Autumn Colors

This migrating tiger swallowtail has found a nice meal in freshly-bloomed joe-pye weed along the Panhandle Trail. A native wild plant in the Easter US and Canada, it covers pretty much the same range as the Eastern tiger swallowtail’s habitat and migration. 191 more words


Face off: hummingbird vs. butterfly

I’ve always thought of butterflies as easy-going creatures, flitting and fluttering here and there in a carefree sort of existence. Apparently, I was wrong. There are butterflies with attitude. 231 more words