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Первую неделю июля проведу в Квебеке.
Интернет-таймаут. Лес, пилатес, вкусная еда и массажи. Если чудом найдётся кто-то местный желающий встретиться, черкните – подумаю как.

First week in July I’ll spend in the woods of Quebec. 37 more words


Llumar Air Series

Tint isn’t for everyone and the myth of Blackout Tinting is that we only Blackout vehicles.  This isn’t true.  We offer high performance window tint of many shades designed to protect our customers.  108 more words

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Cars for days!

Proudly representing FormulaOne High Performance Automotive Tint!

If you’re looking to enhance the look of your vehicle, increase heat rejection, or to hide your belongings, look to Blackout for your automotive tint!

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Moments of

..helpless panic.

Have you ever had one of those? I mean, literally, that seemingly endless minute or ten that drags and drags and it’s filled with dark premonition, cold-sweating horror and realization that anything resembling control is out of your hands? 138 more words


In Tribute to Magritte and Kintrye


“Mull of Kintyre, oh mist rolling in from the sea
My desire is always to be here
Oh Mull of Kintyre

Far have I traveled and much have I seen… 399 more words


2014 Part 4: The Final Chapter

Brent Eastman gives us the fourth and final installment of his 2014 iPhone recap, which is pretty much your Palomar II B-Sides. Just another feel-good edit to bring us into spring :^)