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The Warm Fuzzy Moral Center of the Post-Apocalypse (On Pacifism and The Walking Dead)

I’VE BEEN WATCHING AMC’s The Walking Dead for a little over five seasons now, and one thing I’ve noticed about the show is that you never want to become the moral center of the group. 2,234 more words


Her şey oyun olabilir...

… ve oyun olmaktan çıkabilir.

Eastman Dans Topluluğu’nun Mayıs ayındaki gösterisinden çıkıp, heyecanla üzerine notlar tuttuğum broşür; bambaşka bir şeyi ararken düştü önüme.

  • Her şey oyun olabilir ve oyun olmaktan da çıkabilir.
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The walking dead.

Hey guys,
one more messages haha.

What do you guys think about the walking dead I’ve been obsessed since the beginning but I’m just so addicted and I can’t help it! 142 more words

The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 4, "Here's Not Here"

“Here’s Not Here”

“You said you like talkin’… I remember that. Little chats with a stranger by the fire.’ You said it was like the movies. 814 more words

Morgan: The Zen Master S6:E4 Here's Not Here

While next Sunday promises to pick up where we left off 2 weeks ago, digging into Morgan’s character and how he became the person he is today, is quite fascinating. 277 more words


The Walking Dead Season Six, Episode Four "Here's Not Here"

” I have come to believe that all life is precious”– Eastman

The fourth episode of the The Walking Dead’s sixth season opens with Morgan Jones (Lennie James) talking to the camera. 1,110 more words

When "Nothing" Becomes "Something" (An Existential Philosophy Applied in Psychology of Being the Walking Dead)

So, we all know that season 6 episode 4 (“Here’s not Here”) of the phenomenal TV series “The Walking Dead” has created several reactions from people, one of which is, “Okay, that was a good episode but… what happened to Glenn!?!” (lol) 924 more words