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Easy Believism vs. True Repentance

I last wrote about the deception of an old earth that is invading the Church. Well, that is not the only deception invading the Church. I am writing about another one today called “easy believism”. 1,283 more words

Jesus Christ

The Holiness Deficiency

Today, I had the opportunity to hit the streets of the City of Newburgh, NY, with some brothers, and personally share the gospel with eight different people. 1,174 more words

Only Two Ways to be Honest with God

In thinking about today’s reading from Genesis 12:1-7, I can’t find something better to write than what Mike Mair wrote a couple months ago about this passage. 1,731 more words

Lenten Reflections

Foundations are, in a Word, Foundational! (On Mt. 7.24-27) Part 1

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Foundations are important. If a foundation is unsure or insecure, then no matter how magnificent the structure is that is built upon it, that structure is in real danger of collapse. 1,213 more words

Discipleship And Confession

Heartfelt Salvation: The True Salvation

Heartfelt Salvation

The True Salvation


A fresh perspective and candid look at scripture, testimony

and the true workings of the God’s Holy Spirit

that provides the absolute assurance of eternal life. 27,626 more words

Accepting Jesus

By works a man is justified, and not by faith only.

Many do not like the title of this post for what it implies, but it is taken directly from scripture and intimated to be as important as faith. 958 more words


Psalm 119:21

Psalm 119:21

“You rebuke the insolent, accursed ones, who wander from your commandments.”

An unrepentant, persistently proud person is not in a right relationship with the Lord. 104 more words

Psalm 119