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Why doesn't the Gospel of John Use the Word Repent, if You Must Repent to be Saved?

Someone asked in my Theology Facebook Group, “If repent is a requirement of salvation, then why doesnt the book of John mention it?”

I said, the book of John says “sin no more.” But read the book of Acts, which was the evangelism of the Apostles, in which they called sinners to “repent.” 101 more words

Pope Francis and the false gospel of "just be a good person"

In the sermon I posted just this week, on Galatians 1:1-10, I warned against the false gospel of “just be a good person.” While this isn’t the same false gospel that Paul is attacking in his letter to the Galatians, it… 988 more words

The Holistic Substance of Saving Faith

Sola Fide, Sandemanianism, and Easy-Believism: a Fight for the Efficacious Power of Belief and the Holistic Substance of Saving Faith

 Introduction: Orienting the historical and biblical situation… 5,368 more words

Easy Believism/ Cheap Grace

My last post caused some controversy and I want to clarify what Easy Believism/Cheap Grace is, which is a term used in a derogative way to describe saving faith as mere assent to the truths of the gospel which sits in opposition to Lordship Salvation. 408 more words


Hyper-Grace thinking

The amazing Grace of God is so amazing it changes lives for eternity.  Even the reformers stressed that we are saved by Grace Alone but does this amazing grace negate repentance and confession?  1,439 more words


Supernatural Positive Thinking

Life can get hard and people can be mean.  Does thinking positive and speaking positively have a supernatural effect on the negative world around us?  Does being positive only invite more positive things to occur?  1,378 more words


How God Saved an UN -Churched Atheist

The apostle Paul wrote the Ephesians and explained that all sinners are dead in their trespasses and sins.(Ephesians 2:1-9)

So if when we are sinners we are dead, how can we save ourselves by making a decision to “accept Jesus?” 741 more words

False Conversions