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Palak/ spinach mango rice


It’s packed with nutritious spinach, tanginess of mango, crunchy almonds and toothy rice.

This Rice is perfect as a lunch box meal, variety rice or even as a main during those boring afternoons when you are done with the usual recipes. 298 more words


Zucchini Fritters

Happiness can come from the most simple thing in the world. Happiness for me is to enjoy the morning with a delicious breakfast, a cup of cappuccino, and a good book. 282 more words

What's On The Table

cheesy breakfast hash with scrambled eggs & chorizo

Have ya ever have one of those super fabulous Friday nights that leads to a super ouchy Saturday morning? Well friends, fear not – I have the cure! 336 more words


Grilled Egg Sausage Sandwich

We all knows how hard it is to provide varieties to work/school lunch boxes😒!! Sandwiches and Quesadillas are an important part of our busy lives.. So far, I tried a number of new sandwich fillings.. 269 more words


Overnight Fruit-Infused Oats: Low-FODMAP Breakfast On-The-Go

These were a random discovery via good ole experimentation. It simply involves heating oats with FODMAP-friendly fruit which softens and infuses the oats with a lovely fruity flavour. 256 more words


Lindsay's Newport Beach Scramble with Avocado Toast

Today, I woke up with the overwhelming desire to see the ocean.

But not any ocean – the ocean by my friend’s house in Newport Beach, California. 471 more words


Less Oily Yet Crispy Rajma Tikki

Wassup all! How was your last lazy crazy day (Sunday)? I know it must have been rocking as last Sunday was little bit more special because of celebration of ‘Mother’s Day’. 525 more words

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