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The Easiest Frittata Recipe

Aside from their significance as a major plot point in the Harrison Ford – Rachel McAdams film, Morning Glory, frittatas are one of those recipes that everyone seems to have their own little twist on. 316 more words


Our Favorite Easy French Toast Recipe

My kiddos often get a hot breakfast before school. This is one of their favorites that I don’t make often but when I do, they finish it off quickly. 175 more words


Salami breakfast cup - Bachelor's breakfast hack #2

Morning exercise demands protein packed food whereas you’re running late for office. So this recipe is your saviour as you take your shower and get dressed up while it gets baked in 20 minutes. 118 more words


Poha - Bachelor's breakfast hack#1

Breakfast is an important meal of the day – nevertheless it breaks the fasting period of the prior night. But, most of my lazy bachelor friends skip it to avoid the pain of collecting lot of ingredients and preparing it :P. 152 more words


some happenings & some overnight oats!

Woops! I can’t believe I let more than a month go by without posting a darn thing. Even though this wasn’t a scheduled blogger break, I’ve got to say it was nice to let myself take a breather from blogging so I could really enjoy summer and all the crazy (mostly fun) things that popped up along the way. 521 more words

Breakfast Recipe

Breakfast Toast Cups 

On the weekend, me and Ross really enjoy having, what we like to call, ‘special’ breakfasts as eating the same two weetabix (in skimmed milk with no sugar) all week long can get pretty repetitive. 296 more words


Breakfast Meal Preparation: Vegan Edition

Meal prepping seems to be all the fad right now, from placing numerous meals in the freezer to just prepping vegetables for the work week ahead.   369 more words