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Chocolate Protein Pancakes

These are easily my favorite pancakes.  I actually prefer these over normal pancakes.  This breakfast will keep you full all morning for it is packed with good carbs and protein.   168 more words


5 Minute {Vegan} Rawnola

I’m always so curious about those people who don’t eat breakfast. Like, aren’t you hungry when you wake up?? Didn’t you dream about food? Didn’t you wake up thinking about food? 273 more words

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A Sweet Surprise for Breakfast: Strawberry Parfait Easy Hotel Room Recipe

On our recent trip to Vancouver, British Columbia, we stayed in a cute hotel in the business district for a week. The room was super cute with modern furnishings and a 1950s retro feel – we loved the service, the look, and pretty much everything else about it! 416 more words


Stuffed Idli

This series seems to be one of hasty phone pictures. History repeated itself, as it often does in my house, when the daughter and husband claimed to be so hungry that waiting even for a second was impossible. 338 more words

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banana bread pancakes

it had been one of those sundays  mornings .my 9year old woke – up throwing up about 5am after having mcdonald’s for lunch  i new that the day was shot and had to order groceries instead of walking like we normal do . 159 more words

5 Grain Free Breakfasts for Winter

Porridge is usually on high rotation in the cooler months for me. Its the perfect morning comfort food, easy to prepare & cheap to make. Not to mention the flavour combinations are endless! 407 more words


Creamy Carrot Sandwich

I don’t know about you but in my house, the carrot gets a bit of a step-motherly treatment. I take it for granted, don’t give it too much of importance, use it as a filler in combination with other vegetables and its presence solely dependent on the quantity needed and never stopping to consider its feelings. 230 more words

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