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Pancakes, it's what's for (insert meal here)

Ahhh pancakes.  It’s that versatile flat cake that can be either sweet or savory, and eaten anytime you desire.  This version is a basic one and super easy to make. 231 more words


Creamy Vanilla Cinnamon Breakfast Smoothie with Cashew Butter

I finally found an answer to the age old question (and frankly, it’s not an answer I ever thought I’d hear myself say, but here it is): yes, it is possible to have too much chocolate. 523 more words

Backyard Owl Basics

Protein Packed Muffins

I have had so much fun with these muffins! Ellie and I are both starving when we wake up so this is an easy protein packed breakfast or snack for on the go! 208 more words


The Perfect Paleo Pancakes

Some mornings, you just neeeeeeed pancakes for breakfast. And on some of those mornings, you need the easiest pancakes ever for breakfast — ones with just bananas and eggs. 266 more words


Mixed Berry Banana Smoothie

The Greek yogurt gives this smoothie its 15 grams of protein, you can add to that by using protein powder, if desired. This is a great way to start your day with a serving of green leafy vegetables as well! 99 more words


Blueberry and Yogurt Breakfast Parfait

Not so much a recipes as a quick, healthy breakfast idea!  With around 350 calories, this breakfast provides around 27 grams of protein and the healthy fat in the almonds will also help you stay fuller, longer. 64 more words


Easy Office Peanut Butter Toast (or "Why the Hell Do I Get Up So Early?")

I get up waaaaaaay too early for work. Like what sane person gets up at 5:30 am every day? Do you know what that does to a person? 276 more words