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Chocolate cake with a hint of cinnamon

Sometime ago, I used to struggle a lot with making a nicely baked cake; I am not talking about awesomely flavoured ones, just the normal cake with butter, eggs, flour and sugar. 355 more words


Australian Lamingtons and Separation Anxiety

I am not sure how much three-month old babies understand, but like all moms, I think my baby is super smart. Yeah, let me tell you why I think so: 1,035 more words

Bake And Make

Supersonic Butter Cake

Supersonic? Coz its the easiest, simplest and the fastest cake that’s made with least possible ingredients and labor. With its buttery yumminess and soft sponge, it makes a fabulous companion for tea and coffee. 235 more words


Delicious Apple Pie (and easy!)

Hi guys! Well,this is my first post ever,so I hope there’s someone out there who’s going to take some time and read this. I’ve dedicated this post to anyone who doesn’t have a lot of free time to spend in their kitchen cooking(including myself too!). 393 more words


Crazy Cake

Crazy cake is a chocolate cake recipe that’s been in my family for years; it’s originally from my Aunt Linda’s home economics class in middle or high school (not sure if anyone really remembers anymore). 284 more words

Sweet Tooth

Strawberry Cake

Strawberries are a delightful accompaniment with cakes. Their beautiful color and inherent sourness cuts into the sweet of a cake to add to the punch in every bite. 376 more words


Oreo filled crêpe cakes

Yes. I went there. This recipe takes two of my favorite things (crêpes and Oreos) and mixes them into this deceptively complicated-looking cake.

So I am assuming most of you guys have heard of Oreo truffles? 745 more words