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Easy DIY Valentines

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and my bestie and I had some fun this past weekend putting together some easy DIY Valentines for to give to your friends and loved ones this weekend. 123 more words

DIY | Easy T-Shirt Pillows

I will be the first to say that it’s hard for me to get rid of things sometimes (all the time). I may no longer want it for its intended purpose but I can find tons of other ways to use the same item. 202 more words

Houston Blogger

DIY EASY Room Decor

Here is a cute idea for a fun & easy DIY project for some funky room decor. Click here to see full tutorial.


Very Easy Scrap Fabric Craft

It is my humblest of opinions that one of the best ways to craft frugally is to find a way to use the things that would otherwise have ended up in the trash.   380 more words


Small Changes and Simple Crafts

I’m not willing to bog myself down with the extreme minutiae of frugality.  I rarely use aluminum foil, but when I do, I don’t save it for another use.   547 more words

Crafting- Taggie Blanket (Doctor Who Themed)

This taggie blankie idea is soooooo adorable I couldn’t help but try it out. I’m a sewing amateur (aka, I haven’t sewed since middle school home ec.) but this was super easy! 666 more words

Scrabble Art

Good evening,

As I previously said, there would be some crafty posts on here and I felt this is the perfect one to start with. I’d seen so many pictures of these online just before Christmas and decided I would give it a go myself to see how it came out. 254 more words