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Hot Air Balloon Craft

I was watching a show with my kids, let me rephrase that, my kids were playing Lego while I may or may not have been watching an episode of The Bachelor that I had recorded, in which the date involved a trip in a hot air balloon. 226 more words


Adding Whimsy & Colour

With the black headboard and cream painted walls completed in my daughter’s room, it was screaming out for a pop of colour. Since I have a mild obsession with chandeliers, I figured what better way to bring some whimsy and colour into the space. 215 more words

Easy Crafts

Weekend Project: The Quickest, Cheapest Throw Pillows Ever

Did you know cloth napkins make great pillows? No? Well, they do. In fact, napkins make pretty much the EASIEST pillows ever. And you can buy them from your local thrift shop and give your living room a makeover in about an hour with minimal sewing. 339 more words


Making a Knotted Fleece Blanket

For a long time I resisted the urge to be crafty.  I liked the art things I did, like throwing pottery and making mosaics, but I didn’t “do crafts.”  I’m not sure what my issue was with being crafty, maybe I was too mired in graduate school to be allow myself the freedom to do fun creative things.  1,622 more words

Fun With Kids

Fifty Shades of Grey Artwork

As we all know, the Fifty Shades of Grey movie has recently debuted. While I don’t have any immediate plans to see the movie (not because I think it’s smut, but because I have too short an attention span for a full length movie), I did, however, read the books. 268 more words

Easy Crafts

Crafts with Kids: Weaving with CD looms

We’ve been up to a bit of crafty recycling fun recently with some old CDs and wool scraps. The inspiration came from this beautiful post… 618 more words

Upcycled Or Repurposed

Burlap & Lace Luminaries

Who doesn’t love the rustic look of burlap paired with the soft feminine touch of lace? It’s a perfect juxtaposition that has inspired many projects using these materials, and I love that it doesn’t seem too specific to any particular season or holiday. 300 more words

Easy Crafts