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Chicken Pot Pie

For when you have a whole lot of some ingredients, but not necessarily enough to make an actual recipe.



Campfire Stew xxx

It may be August (and blooming hot today) but recently I have really been missing warming comfort meals lately. When I have the time to prep ahead I love to use my slow cooker and there is NOTHING better than walking into the house after work to a meal that is smelling amazing and is ready to plate up. 759 more words

Summer Salmon 🍴👌🏻☀️

I haven’t done a recipe for a while, so here’s something summery! It tastes so scrummy I guarantee it’ll be a tummy pleaser for whoever you decide to share it with! 471 more words


Peach + Crispy Chicken Summer Salad with Avocados + Pecans

This summer is flying. I can’t keep up with the days.

And since I can’t even do that, you can’t expect me to keep up with National Beer Day, National Donut Day, or all the other culinary “holidays” that have popped up in everyone’s Facebook and Instagram and whatever feeds lately. 637 more words


No Protein Powder Necessary

Most of us have no problem getting in our daily dose of protein—in fact, we might be consuming even more of it than we need. But it turns out it’s not just about how much protein we eat, but the way we distribute our intake through the day. 33 more words


Wrap it Up

There’s a lot to love about a lunch wrap, but they are even better (and much healthier) when you do it yourself. Super easy to make and bursting with flavour,  check out some stellar wrap recipes which cater to every palate.



15 Minute Healing Meal

15-Minute healing meals are about feeding yourself well with minimal effort. The perfect weeknight meal is packed with vegetables and whole foods, fills you up, and tastes delicious—all while being easy enough to put together quickly. 11 more words