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3 grain, summer simmer casserole

The Pokemon master is a picky eater… Well, no.. Being a week shy of 7 he likes to eat what other kids his age eat: sugar, meat and oven food. 410 more words

Being vegan - week 3 in review.

What a tasty week.

There have been a few challenges where I have hankered after easy alternatives mass produced by the supermarkets and the old go to foods. 357 more words

Be Green

Pizza! I can have pizza and I'm being Vegan.

This evening we wanted something easy and filling that everyone could enjoy. Hmmm. Could have been a problem.

We considered options  – old style: takeaway Fish & Chips (too unhealthy), Pizza delivery (really unhealthy), Chinese or Indian takeaway (could be good but just wasn’t in the mood)… and we really fancied Pizza. 169 more words


Not Your Average Steamed Vegetables 

Say goodbye to boring steamed vegetables! I’ve created a new way to cook your veggies that everyone will actually enjoy. During family dinners, it’s not unusual that the vegetable dish is the most avoided one. 312 more words


Quinoa Salad with Spinach, Smoked Chicken & Lime Juice

Summer is on it’s way so it’s time for a tasty summer salad recipe. How about a quinoa salad with spinach, smoked chicken, cranberries, lime juice & Parmezan cheese? 126 more words


"Non-Fried" Chicken

Our family doesn’t eat a lot of fried foods. We don’t necessarily restrict ourselves and keep fried foods out of our diet on purpose, we just prefer to grill. 398 more words

Tofu Scramble with Roasted Sweet Potato Bites

I have recently discovered a love for tofu. Before this dish, I was not a huge tofu lover, and I know there are many people out there who were just like me. 598 more words