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Book Review: Shopaholic to the Stars - Sophie Kinsella

Personally, I am a huge shopaholic fan (not of the film, I was very disappointed in that, but that’s another story). I’ve read all of them multiple times, they’re my go-to easy read, and I was looking forward to this one after the 3 year gap there’s been since ‘Mini shopaholic’ was published. 390 more words

Book Review

The President of Stanford University Reads Cath in College


Catherine Goetze to John Hennessey on Mon, Jul 20, 2015 at 9:25 PM

Dear President Hennessy,

Hello! My name is Catherine and I’m a rising sophomore at Stanford. 127 more words

Easy Reads

When Wishes Come True

When wishes come true, you revel in their glory for a while and then move on to other wishes that are waiting to be made that are waiting to be striven for, the journey goes on. 135 more words

Easy Reads


Would you choose to hear ‘Love’ or Feel it……

Dad never had the time. He was always on the Go. It was either his clients or his social service engagements. 304 more words


What Makes People Stand Out

Life chooses its very Own heroes. Life hand picks its favorites not so much to bestow upon them her mercies, but for what they retain to offer back to life through the very trials and tribulations it ordains. 374 more words


Hikes, Churches, and Lots and Lots of Beer: Study Abroad Photos Pt. 1

As previously mentioned, I am currently studying abroad in Freiburg, Deutschland with a group of students from Stanford and the University of Freiburg. Over the past week of our seminar, I’ve had lots of opportunities to make good use of my new camera, whom– side note– I have decided to name Laurene. 435 more words


Down and Dirty Q&A

Sometimes y’all ask goofy questions, and sometimes y’all ask serious ones. Let’s try to tackle some of the latter!

All questions submitted on ask.fm/cathincollege. Submit your own today! 472 more words