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About those New Year's Resolutions...

“Why does food have to have calories,” I grumble to myself as I sneak a tiny, overly sweet spoonful of vanilla funfetti birthday cake off the side of my brother’s stash. 228 more words

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Narrowing Ladders and Tangled Trees: Thoughts on the Dreaded Senior Year Job Search

Well hell-O there, Dear Reader. How YOU doin’?

Per usual, I come to you from the clouds. Flying seems like the only time I get to write these days, which I suppose is about as good of an excuse as Snapchat is for not sleeping or studying. 1,121 more words


The Sucky Side of Self-Care

The first time I had heard the words “self-care” I had just arrived at my freshman year of college. “In addition to all your classes and extracurriculars this year, don’t forget to make time for self-care!” my RA encouraged my dormmates (future best friends) and me. 573 more words


You Will be Harvested

Click here if you want to start reading, “Do Zombies Fart?” from the beginning. If you don’t want to wait until the end of October to find out what happens, this story is available through… 8 more words

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Review: The Sisters by Claire Douglas

“I see Lucy everywhere, but never more than when I look in the mirror.”

My rating: 5/5 stars.

In short: I am giving this book five stars, not because it was perfectly written, but because it was pure entertainment. 1,353 more words

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4 Book Recommendations for Non Readers

I’ll put my hands up and admit it, I’m not a reader/book lover, I never have been and I really struggle to get into a book. 479 more words