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Hikes, Churches, and Lots and Lots of Beer: Study Abroad Photos Pt. 1

As previously mentioned, I am currently studying abroad in Freiburg, Deutschland with a group of students from Stanford and the University of Freiburg. Over the past week of our seminar, I’ve had lots of opportunities to make good use of my new camera, whom– side note– I have decided to name Laurene. 435 more words


Down and Dirty Q&A

Sometimes y’all ask goofy questions, and sometimes y’all ask serious ones. Let’s try to tackle some of the latter!

All questions submitted on ask.fm/cathincollege. Submit your own today! 472 more words


Update from Late Night

This post was originally written on the night of Friday, June 5, 2015. It was revised and published at a later date.

FULL DISCLOSURE: The next post is going to be, more than anything else, a stream of garbled, inconsistent consciousness. 654 more words


A Very Special Announcement (And Lots of Thank You's)


I have some very exciting news to announce!! Drum roll please…

CathinCollege  wordpress   495 more words

Easy Reads

Alternative Perspectives: My Friend, Joey Valery

I was once asked by a prospective Stanford freshman, “Why Stanford?”

After giving her short yet wonderfully profound inquiry some thought, I told the ProFro: “Because nowhere else will you find this level of genius coexisting with this level of chill.” 585 more words


What Do You Want to See?

DISCLAIMER: Pretty awful formatting ahead. Forgive me, I promise I’ll take CS106A next year.

Hey there, Dear Reader. Thanks for clicking again!

I’d love to hear more of what YOU, as a CiC reader, would like to see more on the blog!  73 more words

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I Flew Home For Mother's Day to Surprise My Family and Filmed all of their Reactions [VIDEO]

About a month and a half ago I spontaneously bought a round trip ticket to Chicago for Mother’s Day weekend. I decided that I was going to make my trip a secret– I didn’t tell anybody I was coming home, not even my parents. 713 more words

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