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Omelette - easy peasy

Omelette vegetable supreme! Why supreme? Because that’s the way it makes you feel!

2 eggs, pinch of pepper, pinch of salt, pinch of dried chillies. Mix this with a fork well. 24 more words

Clean Eating

Unakka chemmeen Unda Putt Recipe (Kerala Style Dried Prawns Stuffed Steamed Rice Balls Recipe)

Unda Putt is a Kerala evening tea time snack/Iftar recipe or it is also used as a tasty breakfast item. One of our family favorite too. 787 more words


Cream cheese bites

Fast, easy, delicious.

These little bites are a crowd pleaser! They can be a simple appetizer before a more complicated meal or just a nice light afternoon snack! 73 more words

Today I am sharing with you all a recipe of one of the very famous snack/starter, which is enjoyed by almost all Indian family.
It is also very easy and quick to make With just a few basic ingredients readily available in any Indian kitchen /pantry. 285 more words


Potato Pancake

Potato is one of my favorite veggyy and I love to have it in any form. This pancake is one of the popular breakfast item here in Tashkent. 314 more words


Midnight SnackĀ 


So the truth is…. I have a bad sweet tooth that is nearly never satisfied. In fact I’m notoriously guilty of indulging in midnight bowls full of lucky charms. 57 more words

BBQ Vegetable Chips.

I’m always craving potato chips, you could say that I’m an addict. It seems to be a new hype to make your own chips, not only is it a healthier option, they are extremely easy to make. 277 more words