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In Saturated Hues

We drove along the interstate in the early morning, having returned late the night before from several days of work travel. This was my last weekend of class, and the anticipated relief mitigated my fatigue from tightly compacted commitments. 440 more words

Cooking School


I wanted to share with you a delightfully upbeat post – one with some glitter or, at the very least, shine. I had hoped that the lead into my final round of classes had vibrance, lightness and clarity. 361 more words

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The weekend was wet and unseasonably chilly, but the underlying scent of spring brought the promise of gleaming sun and warm breezes. Cherry Blossoms and Flowering Dogwoods contrasted the grey morning sky. 231 more words

Cooking School


I ate buttercream for breakfast and chocolate mousse for lunch. It was a deliciously self-indulgent meal plan. We made gelatin desserts with powders and plastic-like sheets blooming into thick rich textural wonders. 223 more words

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The kitchen smelled like a fanciful child’s dream with dancing unicorns and spinning cotton candy. Pinatas swung high in the air as butter bubbled and puppies pounced with each smear of cream. 195 more words

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I switched on the kitchen-aid mixer and creamed together butter and sugar. Its repetitive whirling song was a comforting melody recounting history. The juncture brought me to the earliest germ of this journey’s progression. 193 more words

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BBQ Chicken Pizza | Budget Bites Episode #1

I picked the wrong time to diet when I created this pizza because I could’ve easily let one slice turn into six. The best part about this budget meal is it’s definitely a two in one…the chicken will have some leftovers so if you want to be a bit healthier, eat the chicken on a lettuce wrap and let the rest of your family indulge. 275 more words

Budget Bites