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etc till you get to c:\
then cd windows\system32\windowspowershell
ls to list contents which will show version and then cd v1.0 (or your version)
this is to get us to the powershell directory… 409 more words




Ok well I decided to try running CREST Market Downloader, but now that I’m not using virtualenv and just using the base system folder, I’ve lose setuptools and pip. 617 more words

easy_install does not work after distribute upgrade

I tried to upgrade matplotlib which asked me to upgrade distribute. I upgraded distribute and then easy_install does not work…… It is solved by the following… 54 more words

Pythonista installs all the things...

I recently had a need to setup my dev environment, this time I kept track of how I successfully jumped through the silly hoops of installing all the python packages that I love dearly. 202 more words


How to install and uninstall Python packages using Pip

Installing and managing packages of Python is a pain. Many popular Python packages are available for installation from Ubuntu repositories, but they can very old. Latest packages can be installed from… 149 more words