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Ok well I decided to try running CREST Market Downloader, but now that I’m not using virtualenv and just using the base system folder, I’ve lose setuptools and pip. 617 more words

easy_install does not work after distribute upgrade

I tried to upgrade matplotlib which asked me to upgrade distribute. I upgraded distribute and then easy_install does not work…… It is solved by the following… 54 more words

Pythonista installs all the things...

I recently had a need to setup my dev environment, this time I kept track of how I successfully jumped through the silly hoops of installing all the python packages that I love dearly. 203 more words


How to install and uninstall Python packages using Pip

Installing and managing packages of Python is a pain. Many popular Python packages are available for installation from Ubuntu repositories, but they can very old. Latest packages can be installed from… 149 more words

Installing Python on a 64 bit Windows 7 Machine with PIP and easy_install


Installing Python could take quite some time for newbies. I’m writing down the steps needed for that.

1 – Go to http://www.python.org/ and download the release you want. 183 more words

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