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Having Windows Bootloader Issues ? Then here is best Solution ! ;)

Installed Windows 8 on your Windows 7 PC hoping to get it dual booted ? Unfortunately the Dual boot screen (boot loader screen) went missing ? 166 more words


Dual Boot Windows 7 With Fedora 17

Burn the ISO image of Fedora OS in CD or DVD .Boot The Computer using the CD or DVD you burned. Make The Boot,Root And Swap Partitions. 40 more words


Restore Ubuntu 12.04 after installing Windows 7

By using the open-source tool, EasyBCD, I was able to restore my Ubuntu OS, after installing Windows 7.

This is how I restored it, 67 more words

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Adding A Windows Hard Disk To A Linux Server

It’s relatively easy to add a Linux disk to a Windows machine. But it’s not as easy to add a Windows disk to a Linux machine. 1,460 more words

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How To Uninstall Ubuntu Or Linux in 2 Minutes From Dual-boot Windows 7/XP/VISTA

Hi guys , lots of people like to use ubuntu and Linux based operating system in dual boot  mode with  Windows Operating System. Some geek (including myself) like to use different Linux flavors’ for just to look how it’s working and all , so we need to uninstall previous one Linux from system ,there is lots of way to uninstall Linux/ubuntu but the smart way as well as time consuming way i tell you……. 93 more words


Dual Boot Pre-installed Windows 7 with XP by using USB

This is my first post and I will share how to dual boot Windows 7(pre-install) and Windows XP. And I have do this on my netbook, because netbook do not have CD/DVD rom, so I will use USB drive.

920 more words
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Boot Linux using Windows 7 boot loader

Windows 7 and Linux live together on the same hard disk in perfect harmony. I had Windows 7 installed first, and a few GBytes of free space at the end of the hard drive which I left unpartitioned. 275 more words