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Eat Me: The Tripe and Tails at Blind Butcher

by Steven Doyle

It is most assuredly known that Blind Butcher is one of our top favorite pubs in Dallas, with a massive choice of taps, cocktails, decent wines and the best bar food in the city. 389 more words

Steven Doyle

Risotto - a diva worth befriending

Until this cooking adventure, I had never made risotto. I was aware of its reputation of being high maintenance and difficult so I steered clear. However, this freezing winter has prompted me to explore new comfort foods so I thought I would try to befriend this diva of dishes. 354 more words

Eat Me

Marbled Chocolate and Vanilla Weekend Cake

Given my long working hours, it always amazes me how I manage to slip in so much baking. Often it’s a blessedly quiet weekend here, or a quick evening bake where I’ve prepped all the ingredients before heading out to work (great way for making sure butter softens to room temperature). 515 more words

Eat Me

One-pot Pasta Puttanesca

Y’all remember me saying I was obsessed with one-pot pasta creations, right? I recently blogged about a simple tomato and basil recipe that was so tasty, I made it twice during a four-day mini vacation. 274 more words

Eat Me

Heston's Scotch Eggs

Three very good things. A crisp crunchy breadcrumb coating. Then fragrantly seasoned sausagemeat, and finally, a golden yolked egg in the centre.

A passed some pretty important exams, and we made some scotch eggs to celebrate, although we probably would have ended up making them anyway. 456 more words

Eat Me

Combatting the Cold

Oi. This week. What a week. What a crazy past couple of weeks actually. A lot is happening, has happened, will happen. Hoping to get a bit of a respite this weekend. 476 more words

Eat Me!

Chipotle-inspired Burrito Bowls

How many of y’all are like me and love Chipotle? My go-to order is a veggie or sofritas bowl. MmmMmm! I’ve been jonesing to recreate one of these delicious bowls at home and finally did it. 326 more words

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