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Salt & pepper baked chicken with rice from Wok Temptation

This is a recent addition to my list of comfort food. This is a meal which may seem plain to some but sometimes, simplicity is the best flavours. 35 more words

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Clay pot noodles (without the clay pot) from Fast Wok

As a kid, this was one of my all time favourite noodles.. it is traditionally cooked in a clay pot to give it a burnish flavour but the ingredients play an important part too.. 106 more words

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3 New Menus You Need to Try

If you’re a good Houstonian, you’ve been pigging out on Houston Restaurant Weeks deals all month. It might be time to try something new or at least start planning for future, post Labor Day meals. 575 more words

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Teriyaki tiger prawn skewer from Torii Restaurant & Bar

Sometime all we feel like is a snack while we are out shopping at Pacific Fair so we stop by Torii & tried the teriyaki tiger prawn skewer. 8 more words

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Tonkatsu black ramen, beef teriyaki & yuzu sorbet from Torii Restaurant & Bar

One of my all time favourite ramen is from Torii… amazing flavour, bouncy ramen… soooooo good!

Hubs had the teriyaki beef which was yum!

& of course, yuzu sorbet to finish the meal!

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Hunger Buster breakfast & Steak Turkish sandwich with Mango Chutney from Star Coffee Company Harbour Town

Late breakfast are the greatest… especially after a super busy night…

Super large coffee (it was huge) with a steak Turkish sandwich with mango chutney totally hit the spot. 33 more words

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Discovering Campo de' Fiori: six tips

I lived in Campo de’ Fiori for four years. It is the typical neighborhood of the old town: small streets with Sampietrini (stone paved), ancient palaces owned by the ecclesiastical nobility, restaurants with outdoor tables set with… 318 more words