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The Indian Food Hut, Southsea Seafront.

Shingle beaches, naff fun and the smell of vinegary chips wafting in the air; welcome to the great British seaside. However the great British public can now enjoy a fourth wall, the Indian Food Hut. 301 more words

Eat Out

Le Point d'Ogre, Toulouse.

I enjoy restaurants with little choice; it fills me with a sense of confidence. Even better when there is no choice to certain parts of your meal. 312 more words

Eat Out

Everything You Need to Know About EXPO Milano 2015

A few weeks have gone by since the official opening of the Expo, definitely the event of the year (or perhaps decade) for Milano. All the VIPs came out for the inauguration on April 30-May 1 and now the dust has settled, both literally and figuratively, on the Expo site. 1,029 more words


Piatto Cresta

Last night thanks to Eskom I was forced to go out for dinner. I ended up at Cresta Mall only to find out that most of the restaurants had also been closed due to… 182 more words



上兩個禮拜去左食神到食晚飯. 餐廳是滿的不過唔需要等好耐. 我地叫左兩個簡單餸.

叫左一個乾炒牛河, 其實在East Bay, 食神已經是炒得幾好. 個人覺得都有鑊氣, 最驚是有d餐廳炒到好似一pat野咁. 不過係有少少過鹹.

我自己就叫左一個海南雞飯. D雞 肉好嫩不過唔係跟3個醬汁. 飯係油飯不過用左最粗既米所以口感唔係咁好.

因為怕唔夠食所以叫多左一碟細, 其實唔係好辣, 送飯也ok. 16 more words

Eat Out (All) - Pig Out!

Ziggies Caffe Blairgowrie

This was one of those days were trying out new places didn’t go so well for me. Decided to have lunch at Ziggies Caffe and try out their… 214 more words


Churro Dog (!!!)

I am currently sitting in Benedict – a newly opened restaurant located in Grand Indonesia. Yes, it is still working hours, and yes, it is a Wednesday. 394 more words