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Hubby took me here for an early dinner, this place gets really busy during lunch. Dinner time we didn’t have to wait.

Special Beef Noodle Soup Med – I ordered this, could hardly finish it, lots of noodles. 41 more words

Eat Out (All) - Pig Out!

OW, I bit my tongue

Ow, I bit my tongue!  No not really however I did try to pop a capsule directly from the foil package and you know the type I mean.   198 more words

Pork Chipotle Enchilada from Guzman Y Gomez

Always freshly made with juicy-melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork, this is one amazing enchilada generously filled with pork, brown rice & black beans topped with salsa, guacamole & sour cream. 7 more words

Eat Out

Chocolate fudge brownie & peanut butter pretzel batter from Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry’s never fails to impress or excites with their varieties of adventurous flavours.. Growing up in Malaysia, I was spoilt with a variety of American brands, shops & food which were easily found at the shopping centres but moving to Australia, those varieties were not as accessible so when I have the opportunity, I never fail to indulge & enjoy!

Eat Out

Combination Curry Laksa from River Penang

A bowl of spicy soupy goodness consisting of noodles, fish balls, calamari, prawns, chicken, eggplant, green beans & tofu pok (fried tofu skins) in a coconut curry soup. 20 more words

Eat Out

Banana Waffle Split Sundae from Max Brenner

An upscale version of the classic banana split, this dessert adds chopped waffles, dark chocolate waffle balls, praline bits & drizzles of caramel to chopped banana & vanilla ice cream.. 31 more words

Eat Out

Breakfast Salad from Elk Expresso

Brunch is a meal in between breakfast & lunch, a breakfast salad is a combination of breakfast & lunch ;) a mix of greens consisting of brocolli, baby spinach, kale & sprouts with roast pumpkin & hazelnuts topped with 2 poached eggs. 20 more words

Eat Out