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Dangers of hidden sugar

The following information shows how vital it is that parents educate themselves regarding the hidden sugars present in the foods they may provide for their children. 569 more words

Eat Real Food

Sugar Terms

Last week I began blogging about sugar since consumption of added sugar in our diets has skyrocketed and has created a serious threat to our health.   525 more words

Eat Real Food

Mountain fun & food

To prepare for our weekend of skiing we fueled up Friday night with a duck breast dinner.  Thanks to Kevan for the perfect poultry to prepare.   70 more words

Eat Real Food

Sugar alcohols

Have you ever heard of sugar alcohols? You would be amazed at just how many products contain some form of sugar alcohol.  For some people these can cause all sorts of digestive issues such as bloating, flatulence, and diarrhea. 201 more words

Eat Real Food

Creamy Carrot Cheese-less Sauce Two Ways

Thinking of what to cook for dinner can be daunting some days. Especially if you are dealing with unexpected things….like going in for a leaking tire and walking out with 4 brand new tires and a huge bill. 333 more words


Sugar in disguise

I love this Cleveland Clinic “love your heart” icon February is love your heart month and a perfect time to stress the importance of taking care of this very important organ that powers everything we do. 477 more words

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Happy Sugar Day!

No, no, no, I meant Valentine’s Day.  However, it could be Sugar Day given how much added sugar will most likely be consumed today.  Something I crave and a sweet treat weakness of mine, is dark chocolate.   85 more words

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