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Fat Is What I Am, Not Who I Am

If you are offended by the “F” word then buckle-up buttercup…I am going to be using that word, that scary word, that one hurts, that causes all kids of emotions to well up, LOTS.   1,306 more words

Squishy Fries? A+

These bad boys were so delicious! We simply sliced the avocado in frylike pieces and wrapped them in bacon. On medium heat, we cooked and rotated each bacon-wrapped avocado in a pan. 92 more words

Low Carb

Primed Maiko and Dane are Doing Themselves Proud. That is a huge accomplishment. :)

Here’s what I posted to facebook the day Maiko and Dane committed to going Primed:

“Yippie. Another family is going Primed. Maiko Kanahashi Romley and Dane… 480 more words

Getting Primed With Chad

An Update

From my other somewhat neglected blog  (October of 2014)

So, anyway, you are about to embark on a journey…..

No, wait, that is not what I meant to say. 801 more words

Eat To Live

The biggest fad ever sold and its working( part 2)

So this here is the continuation to my previous incomplete post here.

We are being sold things we don’t need on a daily basis. Sometimes we know we’re being conned and sometimes we don’t. 460 more words

10 Great Reasons to Visit The Wholesome Table

The Wholesome Table is my absolute favorite restaurant in the Philippines. 

Here’s 10 great reasons for you to celebrate life with your loved ones at The Wholesome Table. 271 more words

Getting Primed With Chad

‘What Do You Eat If You Can’t Have Anything Naughty?’ | Pears Not Parsnips

My husband does bike repairs and refurbishes second-hand bikes* which he sells on if in good condition or gives them away if they are past their sell-by date in terms of age and design. 776 more words

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