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Recipe: Vegan Risotto

I’m sure you all can tell that I’m an omnivore. But there are times when I’m just not in the mood for meat – but that won’t stop my craving for hearty comfort food. 181 more words

Sugar Detox: Day 4

How is my sugar detox going? It has been successful, but not enjoyable.

The cravings have increased substantially; especially after meals. I have a headache that replace the times I would usually binge. 398 more words


How to Modify a Recipe to use Local Foods in Season

There are several benefits of eating foods that are locally sourced and at their peak right now:

  • The food is grown closer to you and hasn’t had time to spoil or lose its flavor and health benefits by sitting in a shipping container for a trip across the country.
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Weight-Loss Tips

Don’t eat this. 

Eat that. 

Take this pill.

Drink this. 

Don’t eat after 5:00 pm.

Where does one even begin when it comes to finding a trusting weight-loss plan that will actually work?! 670 more words

Workin' Out

products to live without

I haven’t written a rant for some time… I was slow to see the hit show Mad Men. I found it difficult to watch a bunch of white, sexist, racist, entitled, whiskey-swilling, chain-smoking, philandering men develop ad campaigns to sell Americans things they didn’t need.

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Zero Waste

Active.com - Is Poor Nutrition Eating Your Performance?

What’s eating away at your training race performance? Are you not racing to your potential and struggling to find what may be holding you back? It may actually be your nutrition! 27 more words


Brunch Fave: Sausage & Cornbread.

So can you tell bread was one of my favorite things before living a low-carb lifestyle? I’m telling you, I could turn anything into a sandwich. 275 more words