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You wanted to take

My identity but you can’t

You have to be you.


Eat shit. Love The Pain.

Pain is usually something we intuitively avoid. Whether it is exercising daily, saving money, or persisting through something, we always hate the dolorous expression of agony, regardless of whether it is manifested in our brains or bodies. 985 more words

Eye-Opening Articles

Conflict (Read It! #3)

I explain how I qot acquainted with this zine in the intro to an interview with DS4A. Dave Carter who co-ran this distro (Doesn’t Stand For Anything) was the main man behind the Read It/Eat (Sh)It zines. 112 more words


These are so much fun to write

“Baby, I’m so sad
but I just need some more time.”
Whatever, eat shit.

Original Poetry

Random Thoughts of May

Here we are again friends! It is JUNE 1st! So.. I present to you, my Random Thoughts of May (This is a long one so get ready). 1,018 more words

Random Thoughts

Did you just ask for someone to show respect to Donald Trump?


You must have recently asked for someone to be respectful to Donald Trump. Go fuck yourself and eat shit.


Trump is a thing which… 239 more words