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November is Eat Smart Month!

Western Health Advantage has teamed up with the American Heart Association to help you find healthier options this holiday season. Here are some daily tips from AHA: 353 more words

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7 Missing components for complete Fat-Loss

A fitness journey is incomplete without a cutting or a fat loss phase. All those who have ever been through a cutting phase must have heard numerous pro tips from friends, family and gym bros.

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14 Easy And Healthy Swaps To Make At The Grocery Store

Making small changes on what you add to your grocery cart can result in big gains for your and your family’s health. Skipping processed foods in favor of easy to prepare whole foods will help you lead a healthier lifestyle. 1,067 more words

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Emotional Eating Journal Prompt Day 6

Describe your spiritual life.

I took a small break from blogging these past couple weeks, but it was an important break! I had to put my energy toward the processing phase of my military entry. 326 more words

7 Days of Vegan

While veganism is by no means anything new, the popularity of vegan and plant-based diets is certainly on the rise. Be it for ethical or health reasons, many people are choosing to reduce their meat and dairy consumption, leading to new terms like ‘flexitarian’! 1,955 more words

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Project LIFE: road rules 

This year I had a crazy stint of traveling which took me to 10 countries in 10 weeks! As I described in my blog post, I hadn’t quite put together in my head the magnitude of my travel schedule but I knew I’d be on the road a while and one of the first things I considered before I began my traveling was how I would maintain my new weight on the road. 1,119 more words