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The Review: I bet that you know next to fucking nothing about bananas. Do you know that the companies who grow bananas are possibly the worst companies on Earth? 330 more words


Benefit Wine Tasting for Hannah's Homeless

Wednesday December 16th, 6-8pm

The Holidays can be an especially trying time for those not fortunate enough to afford housing. It’s a real, constant problem in our town. 161 more words


The Duckmato

The Review: Really what this image should bring up again is why the fuck a tomato is a fruit. In the supermarket it sits with the vegetables, when you cook with it you use it as a vegetable, and generally, people think it is a vegetable. 188 more words


Mandarin Oranges

The Review: Probably the most delicious spherical object on Earth. Your fat ass doesn’t need anything other than fruit anyways. Do be careful removing the protective barrier off of them as their evil acidic semen will get you in the eye. 42 more words


Mexican-style stir fry

As a very busy mom of 2 boys I have very little time for myself. That does not not cancel out the necessity to eat good home cooked food. 122 more words


Eat This! - In-N-Out Burger

As a rule of thumb, I’d say that you should only go to fast food joints as a last case scenario while you’re traveling. There are so many diverse and interesting places in any city, it would be sad to waste a meal on something that you can get practically anywhere. 473 more words


Eat This! - The Coolhaus Shop

If there’s one thing that I have a weakness for, it’s ice cream sandwiches. One of my favorite sweet treats is the classic Tollhouse cookie ice cream sandwich which, for me, serves as the gold standard of what frozen treats should aspire to. 404 more words