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RR057 Podcast "Eat This"

RR057 Warning: “hell” is in here and some mature subject matter
This week Ried tackles that elusive question of what to eat and what diet to follow. 149 more words

Healthy Eating Tips Away from Home

If you can stick with a whole food plant based diet, you shouldn’t have any problems losing weight and keeping it off. But, you will succumb to the temptation of eating wrong food. 597 more words

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Momofuku Milk Bar's Birthday Cake

Welcome back to Eat This! I apologize for the three-month hiatus, but this column is back for one last hurrah. The following recipe is likely the most complex and laborious that is shared by this publication, but the results are invariably rewarding. 1,130 more words

Eat This

How to Eat Healthy and Thrive

Learning how to eat healthy can be confusing, especially when we listen to the mainstream media. For example, on TV, they want their advertisers to sell their food products so they too can make money. 650 more words

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Healthy Foods to Buy & Eat all you want!

What are healthy foods to buy? Glad you asked. What I eat is largely plant based whole foods. You just might need a new shopping list. 264 more words

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Back in the Saddle...er...Blogosphere

Since Bon Appétit recently renewed interest in my family’s Cheese Thing, which then renewed interest in my blog, I’ve decided to revive the sleeping Cook and Eat Better from its mothballed state. 643 more words

Food For Thought

The importance of Acid/Alkaline balance in diet

Vibrant or poor health depends upon what foods we eat. You might have lost weight and feel somewhat better, but not have all the energy you need. 367 more words

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