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Eat this, not that - 5 Easy Paleo Swaps Part 1

Eat this, not that is an easy to follow series of Paleo swaps to make. Even if you decide you are not ready to go full on Paleo yet, why not try some of the substitutes to see if they work for you. 736 more words

The Unemployment Office

I don’t know about you, but everyone I know refers to the Employment Office as the Unemployment Office. Sometimes it’s just referred to as Unemployment, as in, “did you go down to unemployment yet”? 275 more words


Cauliflower Chili

This is a quick & dirty posting sans photos. I was multitasking like a mad fiend and didn’t haul out the camera. This recipe is a complete experiment, I am trying to find a way to make chili that doesn’t use beans but isn’t all meat & tomatoes. 217 more words

Canned Tomatoes

Caramels and Computers and Cats (oh my!)

Greetings, Ninjas in Training!

Have you missed me?

(I’ve missed you too.)

I’m afraid I have no excuse for abandoning you, except that I’m a small bit healthier than I was when I last wrote, and now I’m doing super important things like sleeping more and finding new ways to keep you all from finding out that I’m not human. 318 more words

Citric Acid Allergy

P I Z Z A : the vegan way!

Don’t be scared. Just try it!

Butternut Squash Pizza with Maple-Glazed Brussels Sprouts, Hazelnuts & Dates

A sweet and savory vegan pizza highlighting farm fresh… 432 more words

Scientists Have Made A New Type Of Tofu Out Of Worms. Progress?

Tofu is not the most popular protein in America, partially due to the fact that a lot of it has the taste and consistency of packing foam. 240 more words


Thank You For Massaging Your Kale

by Emily Morse

Kale. It’s everywhere. EVERYWHERE. It’s in your soup, your bread, your desserts, even your soda. People hate it. People love it. It detoxes, de-stresses, and… 315 more words