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Cracked 5 ... August 4th, 2015

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Ways to Avoid Being Eaten by a Shark

A. Don’t swim in a salt water and seaweed marinade

B. Do swim very close to fatter people… 72 more words

Cracked 5

soundCHECK 223 - October 31st 2013

Holing out pumpkins is boring and smells weird. Similar to what sharing lunch with BBC Spotlight’s Justin Leigh in a car full of heavily sedated wet dogs would be like. 378 more words



“You’re so vain…”   Most of us have been accused of this at some time (generally by people who don’t like us and whom we suspect of jealousy.) 864 more words


soundCHECK 135 - February 2nd 2012

Society’s general objection to certain bodily fluids is such that they are ensnared by fierce taboo. Even speaking their names is enough to make some people squirm. 551 more words

soundCHECK 119 - October 6th 2011

If the seasons had to be represented by a sound, or rather a music genre, then autumn would be by far the easiest to place. Yes, this misty-skied, spider-infested slide into winter seems to be the most longing bedfellow of plaintive acoustic music since James Blunt quit the army to try and sweet talk Lady Acoustic into enduring matrimony. 414 more words

soundCHECK 118 - September 29th 2011

By the time you read this, the revelry of this year’s fair and carnival will be a fading memory, a soggy mental memoir stored in a faraway engram of your brain, a stale fug that lingers in the Seven Brethren air. 402 more words

soundCHECK 97 - May 5th 2011

In a flailing bid to cling to the coattails of popular culture, I recently joined Twitter.

Like nearly every other district of my existence it was a move that ushered confusion and uncertainty almost instantly. 523 more words