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Remainder Of Restaurant Hamburger Eaten With Fingers

Fellow restaurant diners report that a man has given up trying to eat a hamburger with his knife and fork and is consuming the rest of his meal using the traditional hand held method. 253 more words

Perfect time to buy EATEN: 30% discount

Amazon.com is having a Black Friday sale and paperbacks are 30% off, one per customer.

Great time to buy your copy of “Eaten” if you haven’t ordered it already. 32 more words

Polar Bear

Eaten: A novel, now available

My new novel has been published! The paperback is ready to order and will ship immediately; the ebooks are available for pre-order and will download November 30, 2015. 133 more words

Polar Bear

EATEN – My first novel, coming soon!

Watch for it!

For years, polar bear specialists have being playing “what-if.”

They’ve used computer models to predict polar bear responses to computer predicted sea ice conditions 25-90 years into the future and insist their prophecies will become reality unless human behaviour changes. 42 more words

Polar Bear

Daily Sketch 3

Eater’s remorse. I saw a photo of a polar bear and that caption just came to my mind.

If You Have Eaten A Subway Sandwich Since 2003 You Just Won A Settlement!

If you have eaten a Subway sandwich since 2003, you just won a settlement.

Unfortunately you’re not going to get any money from it though. The class action lawsuit was over the size of their subs. 46 more words