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Swallowed Whole

Banner worn. Torn and tormented.

Thrown to the ground like an old dog turning,

churning, yearning for that sensation.

The black face, it calls.

Its wide mouth a crevasse, a gaping hole to hell in a face of shame. 25 more words

Creative Writing

Chapter One: Page 3

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The plot thickens.



Eating a naan was so happening that time in India and in other countries that I was hilarious. A naan is an Indian food. Last time I was out with my aunt in Yishun and we went to Komalas. 25 more words

Echoes Through Time - Page 102: "A Light Snack"

Finally we see the end of the gnome who keeps begging for DM runs from page 48. Instead of going out and leveling on their own it’s common for lowbies to beg for instance runs, but how damn long has he been looking for someone to run him? 32 more words

Echoes Through Time

Gordon Ramsay’s Dwarf Porn Star Look Alike Found Dead In Badger Den Half Eaten - Because This Is The World We Live In

Dwarf porn star Percy Foster who had an uncanny resemblance to foul mouthed TV chef Gordon Ramsay has been found dead in a badger den in Wales in what reports are calling bizarre circumstances.

241 more words

Using parts of plants and vegetables not normally eaten

Do you use the parts of veggies that are normally cut off and thrown away? This can be the leafy part of a carrot, or the white, feathery interior of a green pepper, just for examples. 41 more words