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My Shitty Experience

We all have shitty experiences, however I never thought mine would play out the way it did. Here’s what went down:

Ken and I had been dating for over 2 years and so far our relationship had been great. 501 more words

Eight Wheels Coffee and Eatery at Ruko Times Square Gading Serpong Tangerang

November 3rd, 2017. Opened in August, Eight Wheels Coffee and Eatery was quite new. Actually I was a bit hesitant to go there since I’ve never been in Ruko Times Square. 216 more words

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I’ve been obsessed with cupcakes since I was a kid. Growing up my dad wasn’t big on allowing sweets such as candy, but cupcakes were allowed only on special occasions. 159 more words

Lets Eat

Squash Sammies

Squash season is upon us and I have always longed for a go to recipe of it being the centerpiece and not an addition or just plainly roasted. 107 more words


Habitual Coffee & Eatery X RBK at Bendungan Hilir Jakarta

September 14th, 2017. Before Habitual Coffee & Eatery opened its door, Aline told me and Cindy about it. She got the information about the new coffee shop from her friends. 206 more words

Food And Beverage

Morningville Eatery at Wijaya 1 Petogogan Jakarta

September 11th, 2017. I saw Morningville Eatery on my way to some place *I cannot remember which place* LOL. Then, I searched on their Instagram account. 199 more words

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