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Slaughter Procedure

An Excerpt from “Eating Animals”

By Jonathan Safran Foer

“At a typical slaughter facility, cattle are led through a chute into a knocking box — usually a large cylindrical hold through which the head pokes. 1,499 more words


Get to Know Me - Becoming Vegetarien

5 years ago, it felt like a light switch went off in my brain. I never anticipated the path I would embark on that day but it has been life changing. 725 more words



Does anyone have more ideas for what could be added to the Table of Contents page? I could use some help with other sections in the Bible where it talks about our treatment of animals.


Cecil The Lion

A man paid someone to needlessly kill an animal. Most people pay others to needlessly kill animals for them.



When I had my very first taste of factory farming, I was like any other slumbering individual: awoken and horrified. I was leisurely scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and this short video played automatically; I saw a bunch of little chickens bouncing and flopping around in that cute little way that chicks do, when all of a sudden, a machine turned on and they were ground up right then and there. 1,794 more words


For Quinn learned that eating did not necessarily solve the problem of food. A meal was no more than a fragile defence against the inevitability of the next meal. 30 more words



It is so precious to come across anything that makes you reflect. When something makes you think and feel like shit, it’s even more powerful. 376 more words

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