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Not Cool

Bringing life into existence for the sole purpose of killing & eating it is not cool.


Forming a Connection with Food

No matter what type of lifestyle you live, diet you follow or don’t follow we all suffer from a disconnection to the food we consume. 561 more words


The Misconceptions of Being Vegetarien

“Sometimes people confuse/baffle me!’

It’s a sunny Tuesday morning as I board the plane to travel to the only other place on this planet I can truly call home – Vancouver, B.C. 510 more words

Saving The Planet

But Hitler was a vegetarian

People who want to find flaws in the arguments for not eating animals will often, semi-jokingly, point out that Hitler was a vegetarian. Their anti-vegetarian logic flows something like this: if a carpet-munching, insane mass murderer loved animals enough not to eat them then sane, rational people should not do so because that makes them affiliated with him, the tiny nasty Fuhrer. 1,206 more words