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Earth Day: Food Policy Non-Fiction by Fiction Authors

When I started writing my post on food policy books I realized I had two books left to talk about, but I’d already gone on far longer than even I wanted to read.   780 more words

Earth Day


Not sure what to make of this. I respect the Japanese and their culture on so many counts – but amphibians are intelligent, and this seems to be excruciatingly cruel. 145 more words


The problem is not “meat” nor is it “eating animals.” If it were, a vegetarian diet would be the solution. (It is not.) The problem is using animals as resources.

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Animals do not 'give' their lives so we can eat them. We 'take' them.

I was watching Oprah Winfrey talking to Michael Pollan about mindful, conscious eating.

It was, overall, a good interview.

What I took offense to was that both Oprah and Michael at different times in their conversation said that we must be respectful and mindful about the animals we eat, and that before doing so, we should thank them, as these animals have ‘given’ their lives to us so we can consume them. 86 more words

The first day...

Last night I read a book as part of a reading list for my degree. This book was ‘Eating Animals’ by Jonathan Safran Foer. I was meant to be cooking chicken for dinner. 537 more words

'Eating Animals'

#BCM310 A Bloody Business: Campaigning for Animals

The most prominent reasoning for people continuing to eat meat once they are aware of the atrocities that are involved in factory farming is the ability to compartmentalise. 523 more words


This Post Isn't About Gumballs.

This post isn’t about gumballs, but how much fun was my mini-series last week? It was incredibly satisfying to make something that people liked. I think I was born to love and create.  268 more words