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A Realist Approach To Vegetarianism

The aspect of becoming vegetarian was not something I even considered when I was growing up. As a kid who was almost always sick and maintained a frugal looking body my parents made sure I always ate an adequate amount of everything ; basically the aspect of giving up meat would make them laugh out loud and say ‘ yeah right you are ‘.After university however that was a different story. 1,136 more words


I know it’s (probably) a relatively small subset of the population, but as a millenial gal doin’ it for herself, I just do not identify with my homegirls that don’t know how to cook. 784 more words


On Being Right and Eating Animals

Too many of us blindly put faith into different authorities, but when it comes to personal health and diet, your self knowledge and gut intuition should be your guide.  2,169 more words


Highway to the D̶a̶n̶g̶e̶r̶ Comfort Zone // Emily Wu

Just before I started college this past September, I discovered that embarking on a new milestone mostly meant receiving a flurry of unsolicited advice. From my sleeping schedule (a healthy mix between “you can sleep when you’re dead” and “if you don’t sleep eight hours, you’re gonna regret it”) to my yet-to-be-determined extracurriculars (but God forbid I don’t join any! 2,507 more words

Ultimately Change // Lydia Davidson

On my first day of college at Santa Clara University I was a healthy mix of extremely excited, a little anxious, and completely out of my element.  1,599 more words

Anthony Bourdain: The Culinary "Bad Boy" Lifestyle // Isis Navarro

I want to be Anthony Bourdain in my old age. Hell, I wouldn’t mind doing it right after graduation. Traveling the world, eating some of the greatest culinary delicacies and not giving a damn about anything seems likes a pretty fantastic way to spend my time. 1,513 more words

Sheltered // Amy Roat

I hope my parents don’t read this.
Santa Clara University has been the place where I can go to sleep as late as I want, eat and drink whatever I want, watch all the Netflix I want, be on my phone all I want and most importantly think however I want. 1,306 more words