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Yes, I Mind

Jo-Anne McArthur who wrote Captive and We Animals said, “I don’t like being asked by meat-eaters at dinner if I mind if they eat this piece of chicken/pig/cow in front of me. 112 more words



Once you quit meat, you’ll probably be shocked by how quickly the mere sight of it disgusts you. Perhaps because you see it for what it really is. 18 more words


Natalie Portman-Narrated Documentary 'Eating Animals' Is A Harrowing Warning Shot About Our Food - Telluride

EXCLUSIVE: Making its World Premiere here in Telluride is a devastating new documentary that chronicles the massive industrial production of food in a way anyone who sees this horrifying-but- 480 more words

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Going Vegetarian

As I’ve considered a more sustainable lifestyle, I’ve been mentally preparing myself for the fact that I would probably come to the conclusion that I need to become a vegetarian. 973 more words


Eating Animals

“While it is always possible to wake a person who’s sleeping, no amount of noise will wake a person who is pretending to be asleep” – … 483 more words


On Eating Roadkill and Learning a Life Lesson

The first and only time I’ve eaten roadkill was last fall when I ate a deer my husband accidentally hit on our road in rural Maine late one night. 734 more words

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'Eating Animals' by Jonathan Safran Foer ****

I came to Jonathan Safran Foer’s only tome of non-fiction to date, Eating Animals, as an omnivore, and am leaving the same way.  Whilst it has made me think more about where my food comes from, it has not steered me down the road of vegetarianism – which, he states explicitly, was never his intention.  697 more words