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Effie: Food, Inglorious Food!

Eating’s my main hobby.” Maeve paused to lick the length of her cigarette. “Well, and smoking.”

I’ve known Maeve for years now. 1,207 more words

Educating myself

I know I am late to this party, but bear with me.

For years now I have refused to make New Year’s resolutions, the inevitability of failure looms with each promise made and so best avoided. 279 more words


January by the Numbers.

This is the sort of post I don’t imagine many people will find interesting, but I’m a little bit of a numbers nerds and thought that, this year, I’d really like to keep track of a lot of little details and lay them all out at the end of the month to see how I did. 447 more words


Not Much to Reset Yet.

Though I’ve tried to ignore it, I still have to admit that the orderly part of my brain is still twitching a little bit over the fact that New Year’s Day missed Monday by such a small margin. 941 more words


Eating Animals

My boo very thoughtfully bought me this book for Christmas, which he now deeply regrets as I have woken him up reciting facts about animal agriculture and abuse every day since. 1,007 more words