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Not Much to Reset Yet.

Though I’ve tried to ignore it, I still have to admit that the orderly part of my brain is still twitching a little bit over the fact that New Year’s Day missed Monday by such a small margin. 941 more words


Eating Animals

My boo very thoughtfully bought me this book for Christmas, which he now deeply regrets as I have woken him up reciting facts about animal agriculture and abuse every day since. 1,007 more words

Last Monday before Christmas.

Man, this time of year is always so crazy; I even completely forgot to do a Monday Morning Reset Post last week. I didn’t realize it until Wednesday night, and, at that point, it just seemed silly to post it on Thursday. 645 more words


How I Turned Vegetarian: a Love Story

Once upon a time, there lived a girl who loved eating animals so much that every time there was no animal on the table, she got sick.   1,696 more words

Vegetarian Living

Books to Make You Question Your Eating Habits

If any of you didn’t know by now, I’m a vegetarian/vegan.  I say /vegan because I could never give up desserts, so I still eat dairy when it is cooked into dessert or chocolate, but I no longer eat plain eggs, plain milk, fish, etc.   707 more words


Work, work.

Titled so because that blasted Hamilton song has been playing on repeat in my head since Saturday evening, but also because I’ve genuinely been getting a lot of work done in these past few days, thanks to an inordinate amount of time off of work-that-actually-pays-me. 868 more words