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My Residential Experience - Day 1

Today marks two months since I was admitted to Center for Discovery, so I figured this was a perfect time to begin talking about my experience in more detail. 1,436 more words

How Do You Start Your Day! 7 Things To Do To Make It a Good Day!!

How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?

Do you feel anxious? Tension in your body. Exhaustion, depression,,,

There are ways to make your day start off in a better way. 47 more words


“I love food too much!”

“I love food too much!”

I hear some version of this sentiment frequently from clients who struggle with their weight. Sometimes clients struggle with some form of eating disorder that involves binge or compulsive overeating but many times there is no diagnosis (at least not a formal one). 1,150 more words


Self Pity, the Seductress.

“Self pity is seductive. Be careful of falling into that trap.”

This makes him sound kind, but my psychiatrist was his usual overly-blunt self as he told me that there was no trying. 375 more words

Eating Disorder Recovery

One Year Ago

One year ago I was not able to eat real food. I was curled over due to the amount of laxatives I had taken. I was in my senior year of college and school was my main concern. 521 more words

Eating Disorder Recovery

The Day I Actually Talk About My Life

So, I’m really good at avoiding the whole therapeutic journaling thing. It’s why I made a blog, but APPARENTLY I can always procrastinate~ Today, I’m writing. 562 more words

Eating Disorder Recovery

Update: The Struggle.

I’m really starting to detest the overuse of the “Struggle” catchphrase. As in: So and So can’t access their wifi connection at Starbucks therefore, “The Struggle is real”. 335 more words

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