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Mucking stalls / picnic / getting honest about me

So yeah, my dad and I have a unique relationship. We are both fixers and doers. When he emails, he has pictures and what he fixed, what he used, etc. 556 more words



Okay, let’s get honest. I seem to have been living in excuse-ville. I am a very honest person but anorexia is not. It is manipulative and minimizes everything. 310 more words


Why You Shouldn't Watch Netflix's "To the Bone"

Well, it’s been quite a while since I have posted. University had me drowning in more tedious essays, meticulous lab reports, and mundane reading assignments than anyone could have ever imagined.   1,330 more words


Thank you!

I’d like to thank all those who’ve commented on my previous post regarding labels. Despite what my therapist said it was confirmed my diagnosis as AN. 381 more words

Eating Disorder Treatment

To the bone, a mistake

I just watched the To The Bone movie. Here is my advice if you have an ED whether struggling, in recovery, anything:

DONT WATCH IT… 468 more words

Eating Disorder Treatment

Physical Pain defeats emotional pain every time!

OMG – Pain! Yeah so I was volunteering at the ranch yesterday but was having a supremely horrible emotional day, despite my happy face when in public, so just wanted to stay there and work as long as possible. 815 more words


Push it, Push it Good... or not?

This morning, as I sat to breakfast, and in my almost starting-over with recovery status, I decided to eat my toast and eggs mindfully. Eating mindfully, if you don’t know, means eating with no distractions, paying particular attention to your food with all your senses: what it looks like, how it smells, how it tastes, the textures in your mouth, whether it’s fulfilling your hunger or not, etc. 1,586 more words

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