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Doing Laps

In treatment I learned new ideas. I learned new ways of looking at food and nutrition. I learned about my physical body, about exercise. I learned about my mind, about my thoughts, about my feelings and emotions. 125 more words


Who's in Charge?

There is no way and yet there is only one way.

From the moment my eating disorder started over 20 years ago, I was searching for a way out. 354 more words


Searching for Bugs

I have a background in computer science. I used to do programming, and while I haven’t kept up with anything computer science-related, the skill of programming provides a good analogy. 219 more words


post discharge, not as smooth as I had hoped

So much has happened that I ought to have been writing everyday but there I am and clearly I haven’t. I’m thinking I’ll put the highlights… 1,331 more words

Eating Disorder Treatment

T.O.A.S.T. Yourself

The gist of a lesson is learned in an instant but mastery of it takes time. Sometimes a long time. That’s been my experience anyway. 178 more words



Today is my first full day home! I feel like I haven’t been on here in ages even though it’s only been one week. It was such a whirl wind last week I can hardly remember. 877 more words

Eating Disorder Treatment

The Voice of Normal

I spent many years observing the world, making inferences about how it behaved and, therefore, how I should.

It drove me crazy, literally. There were too many reference points. 527 more words