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Where has Lexy gone??

That’s a long complicated answer which I’ll hopefully motivate myself to write soon.

Aside from that, I’ve been devoting all my sit down time to finishing the crocheted bedspread I started earlier this year.


Eating Disorder Treatment

My Recovery, Our Recovery

Because, if somebody else is already doing it then there’s no reason why I can’t.

And that’s why I keep doing things – like yoga and recovery and self-discovery – even in the times when things seem too much, when my practice feels inadequate, when my sheer human-beingness feels like a failure in some part – I know that it’s not, because everybody else does it within the same frame of limitations and yet they continue to move beyond. 44 more words

liebster award

Thank you to anadancer for nominating me. I’ve felt invisible most of my life like I’m in the back row of the theater looking out on everyone else. 648 more words

Eating Disorder Treatment

Treatment of Surrender

Treatment isn’t something that does something to us. It’s something we use to do something to ourselves.

Treatment doesn’t necessarily mean something good, either. It simply defines a method in which one behaves towards something or someone. 62 more words


I have struggled with finding the reasons for my recovery recently. It might have been due to the conclusion that being a touring photographer might not be the healthiest & recovery-centred career right now. 713 more words

Mental Health

Tipping Point

There is a time in treatment and recovery where every ounce of effort feels like an uphill struggle, where you feel like you’re resisting the pull of gravity. 190 more words

Don’t faint, this is a positive update!

So much has been happening in my life like, you know, living it! Wow, who knew an eating disorder was like a black hole sucking more and more of my life in to it in a spiral of seemingly no return?! 1,184 more words

Eating Disorder Treatment