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Levels of Care in Eating Disorder Treatment explained - By the National Eating Disorder Association

Choosing a Level of Care for Eating Disorder Treatment can be incredibly stressful. The choice of care is ultimately dependent on two major factors: where you are in recovery, and the current severity of your disorder. 133 more words

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Eating disorder treatment: The good, the bad and the "I'm not HUNGRY" pt. 2

I’ve explained my experience in out-patient treatment in my last post, so now its time for in-patient.

When I finally agreed to go to an in-patient program I was sent to a beautiful and historical treatment center/psychiatric hospital that offered a residential program for adults with EDs, and I was very, very, lucky to get in as they only have 2 beds that are covered my OHIP despite it being the largest IP facility for EDs in the province. 978 more words

Eating Disorders, Society and Making a Change

Today there is an extreme amount of pressure on women to be and look perfect. Society and the media (which we are constantly connected to), push body perfection on every woman- young and old. 962 more words


Going Out on Pass While in Residential Treatment: Why it's Difficult, and Why You Must Do It!

Going out on Passes throughout your Residential stay is crucial towards your Eating Disorder Recovery.

For one, you get to actually leave Resi for a while and step back into the… 785 more words

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What is Residential Treatment for an Eating Disorder, and The Difference Between Residential and Inpatient Care.

I will start by saying that I will use the term “Resi” often through this post and future posts. “Resi” is a shortened term  that refers to a specific level of eating disorder treatment. 431 more words

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No Friendship is an Accident

When I entered treatment at Carolina House I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I knew there would be food and therapy…and honestly, that was about it. 396 more words

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Binge Eating Disorder Treatment With Insights & Causes

We usually think obesity is just a result of choice which a person makes of eating a lot of food. But the fact is some people have eating disorders too which may have psychological or biochemical reason. 138 more words