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Navigating The Holidays in Recovery

This week is American Thanksgiving which means lots of food, and lots of nosy relatives asking you insensitive and intrusive questions.  If you are someone recovering from an eating disorder, any Holiday that is hallmarked by food can be difficult and triggering.  540 more words



Why do they taste so good?

Lara isn’t even that much of a chewer, but when it comes to crayons she seems to have a bit of an obsession. 130 more words


It's just food...

Cooking can be fun, if you like to eat.  If you don’t – it is a chore.  Luckily, my husband likes to cook and has been the main chef in our household for about 15 years.  771 more words


up all night

Pulling an all-nighter, no matter the reason, is never a good idea. Despite this idea being very clear in my head, I insist on pulling one every so often in an effort to be in control of something. 350 more words


Stuck In A Rut

I like to think that I write on this blog with transparency. Not for attention, not for validation, not for likes or follows, but with an openness and a hope to help others. 497 more words

Mental Health


Started drinking 1 week ago.
Lost 1.4kg.

By the morning, 8 days, it should be more.
Knowing that, it’s not possible to stop ANYTHING now. 341 more words

Depression / Self Harm

Death is hardest for the living

“Death is hardest for the living” I have heard that expression more times than I can count, unfortunately when it hits close to home you feel so many emotions that you otherwise wouldn’t feel for a stranger. 367 more words