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First day officially

This is my first day of my Big Fat Disney Diet and it feels awesome! I’m going to the shop in about an hour or so to buy some VLCD powder, a shaker and some fruit to kickstart my weightloss. 208 more words



Thankfully we are not all the same. Each one of us have our own unique gifts, qualities, genetic traits, tastes, skin tones, accents, and other features that makes us individuals. 1,081 more words

What's in it for me?!

I am trying to figure out why I indulge in actions that disgust me, but I do anyway. Sure Рmost of them are inherent behaviours. 910 more words

Mental Health

Doing ok, so far

So far, I’ve been doing alright. I’m more motivated to work hard for the things I want to accomplish than usual. Also, I’ve lost 3 pounds in 24 hours. 220 more words


A Bearded Friend

Hey, so just a heads up, this post contains some cuss words. And it’ll probably ruffle some feathers. Please feel free to contact me at jp0423887@students.mclennan.edu if you want to discuss any of this further. 2,605 more words


The Importance of Telling Our Story

What I realized from staying silent for so many years about my struggles was it was hurting me the most. By staying silent about my journey I continued to believe that it was shameful and that it should be something hidden. 55 more words


I’m doing much better then when I last posted. Much better… What ever that means! So, where do I start… Well, I made a very important self discovery today, its very much vital to this whole recovery thing, which I think is really good that I’ve realized it so early on, its a feeling that I can’t describe to you, nor can I put it into words. 254 more words