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"It's not like I'm stripping..."

“It’s not stripping, it’s burlesque!”

It was one of the first things I heard when I started thinking about taking burlesque classes. See, I used to dance a lot, but I got injured badly, and I had to stop. 669 more words

Body Shaming

Food Diaries

This blog post is about to veer off topic to a different issue, my disordered eating. This is something that has been really hard for me to face. 825 more words

30 Days.

Addictions are hard, man… any and all types. It bugs me that people don’t see fast food/junk food/pop as things that have the ability to be addicting. 467 more words


Living with a Binge Eating Disorder

About a year and a half ago I was sitting in my therapists office when I came to the realization that I had an eating disorder. 1,008 more words

Recovery: Day 98

Sometimes I wonder if my counselor has to sit on her hands to resist the urge to shake me into some semblance of sanity. It’s been nearly a month since I arrived at the recovery house, and so far my social circle beyond these walls is dismal to say the least. 612 more words


it's not a diet

it isn’t a diet.

it isn’t about being ‘thin’ to fit into society’s standards, it isn’t about fashion models or magazine pages, it isn’t about wanting to look pretty or be healthy. 850 more words


Open mouth, insert food.

By Theresa on Jul 22, 2015 11:22 pm

This post is going to be slightly hard for me, but I have chosen to do this blog to not only help myself, but also to help others.   1,052 more words