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I Ate What!? Chowing Down on Man's Best Friend in Saigon

I am sure the hotel managerĀ had heard it before, but if felt strange even saying the words to me: “Where can we go eat some dog?” We were in Vietnam, in the city of Saigon, and apparently it was the right part of the lunar cycle to eat dog. 888 more words


We May or May Not Have Eaten Dog in SE Asia

By Alexis

At my school’s New Year’s party the other night, there were tables full of delicious foods. Pad Thai, onion rings, even fresh veggies and salad. 110 more words


Thoughts on Food

BecauseĀ I know you’ve all been dying to read about my thoughts on eating and food.

When I first became vegan, I’ll admit, I was one of those terribly annoying people who talked about being vegan all the time. 738 more words


The Dog Days

*Warning: this post contains references to eating dog meat every…1.5 sentences or so, so those who are currently offended by such practices or think they might be while reading this post might be better off skipping this. 1,714 more words


Should we eat dogs?

The purpose of this essay is not to explore whether any individual should eat dogs. The purpose this essay is to explore whether there is a case for what most people where I live believe in. 2,600 more words