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Aperitivo en plein air: 5 urban locations with a view

It is that perfect season of the year when you would like to spend all of your time outside, savoring the first sun, the air still fresh, the smile on people’s faces. 848 more words

Dolce Vita

3 Things I Miss About Pepsi in the '90s

I’m a Coke girl, but there was awhile there in the ’90s when Pepsi had my heart. As a gawky, poofy haired tween (before “tween” was even a word, they called us pre-teens back in the day), Pepsi had a knack for making me feel like I could be just a wee bit cool(er) if I drank their sodas. 334 more words

The art of the beer coaster

Beer coasters are a bit of fun, practical art under your glass.  But did you know that the first beer coasters were invented in 19th century Germany?  119 more words

Eating & Drinking

---EMERALD PLAYA & ECO-PARK RESORT--- Beach resort in Puerto Princesa

Are you looking for a room, a beach bar or a place to hang-out in Puerto Princesa ?

If the answer is yes, (and I’m sure it is, since it would be hard to answer “no” to this question), then you should go visit… 331 more words

Puerto Princesa

Would you like a canapé? Aperitivo at Gamberini is an exquisite experience

If you’re looking for the hip place, the “place to be” or the latest in town, you’re not necessarily interested in this post. However, if you’re into seriously good food, seriously served wine and a decadent aperitivo, read on. 329 more words

Dolce Vita

---MALDITA FIERY FOODS--- She loves chili

A very good friend of mine got herself into the chili-mania or should I say the chili-totalcrazyobsession (oh yes, she’s really THAT much into chili). 406 more words

Puerto Princesa