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After a very long hiatus, I am back in Canada and back to blogging my dinners.

I’ve recently returned from a 3 month exchange in the UK and a few upcoming posts are related to that trip. 378 more words

Dinners + Lunches

Community Supported Agriculture Box 2015

A long lovely blog post was written, and then poof! It was gone.

I just got the official CSA 2015 email!  (if you want to learn more about Community Supported Agriculture click here: … 337 more words

Eating on the Cheap: Results!

September was a crazy busy month for me, there was not a lot of time left over for blogging.  I focused my energy on making a bit of extra money to pay off a big bill from my strata. 303 more words

Eating on the Cheap ... Failure

Day 4 of eating on the cheap.

Confession of a mindless spender.

“I ran to the famers market after work to grab my box before I drove 30 minutes away for a meeting.  125 more words

Meal deal at Sonic Drive-In

Just thought I would share this deal I got tested from Sonic earlier today. :)

Sriracha and popcorn

Lee is back in England, after a nice (although short) break back here. It’s actually been three weeks since she went back, which feels totally wrong, because it seems like both 1) three days and 2) 3 million years, at the same time. 412 more words

Cabbage Salad, and an Announcement

More than a month ago now, I was sitting at home alone on a Friday night, writing up a post for you all about cabbage salad. 623 more words