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Lunch Party

I have pretty much gotten used to eating out/grabbing coffee alone. Party of one, that’s how I roll these days. But there are some pitfalls of being alone. 247 more words


The One About Dining Alone

I had a message from a friend asking me how am I eating … at first I did not understand what was mean’t by, lets be honest an odd question, asking them to elaborate they said… “You know you’re alone, lunch is probably fine but what do you do for dinner, do they have room service where you are staying?”. 572 more words


Solo girlie meal in Delhi: Still a nightmare??

There is perhaps a less well-regarded truth than this: Delhi is not safe for girls. However, since I have been living here for all my life (25 years), I have sort of grown immune to lewd comments, stares, inappropriate gestures over the years. 755 more words


Treat yourself as you would a date

A recent Humans of New York post recently got me thinking (as they often do). It showed a man standing with a bouquet of yellow tulips. 925 more words

Jac On Jac

On (Not) Eating Out Alone

A stigma I’ve never understood is the one placed on people who are comfortable doing ‘social’ activities alone. For whatever reason, it is assumed that they’re to be pitied; that they are alone because they have no other choice. 558 more words

The 30-day Guarantee

When my plans for D.C. Restaurant week fell through the other night, I was all dressed up with no place to go.

So, I didn’t want to go to the gym. 600 more words

New Thom

If I must eat out, I usually bring the food home. I am not comfortable eating alone in a restaurant. In fact, I’m not very comfortable doing much of anything alone. 200 more words