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The "New" Purple Parrot, Part One

When I moved to Hattiesburg, the go-to upper-end restaurant to, well,  go to in these parts was the Purple Parrot, and when I took my parents there while I was finding a place to live, I thought, “this menu probably hasn’t changed for twenty years.”  That thought was confirmed when Frank and I returned after their remodel and re-imagination of the menu:  instead of two pages of somewhat tired and sometimes poorly executed New Orleans-style staples, there appeared far fewer dishes with more locally-sourced ingredients.   344 more words


Morpeth Market- Toon Macaroons & Cherry Tree Preserves, and Brownies @ Micahs Tea Room

On Wednesday afternoon I met up with a friend who’d just finished work for the day. The sun was beaming down, hot and bright, but the gentle breeze in the air ensured we weren’t too uncomfortable. 819 more words

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Cinema Night at Chez Jules in Chester

Chez Jules is a gorgeous French restaurant in the city of Chester, which opened in 1997. When I read that they had recently started doing ‘cinema nights’ I was intrigued.  488 more words

Eating Out

Chipotle Adds a Different Flare to Eating Out

What’s better for a picky eater than choosing exactly what goes into your food? Chipotle caters to every kind of eater with it’s buffet-style, where you can pick what goes into your burrito or burrito bowl, and how much of it goes in. 75 more words


Odin Cafe

A morning coffee scene from a few weekends ago at Odin Cafe + Bar. The space was gorgeous and bright, and the coffee was as good as at any independent coffee shops in Toronto.


Damp Squibb

Admittedly taking a drive out into the Jozi countryside on a wet and rainy Friday afternoon for a long lazy lunch, is not the brightest thought ever, but who doesn’t grab the opportunity to spend an afternoon with a really nice person when such things don’t happen frequently enough. 811 more words


Review: Veteran Kalguksu at Express Bus Terminal

A couple of months ago, as documented in this post, I spent a day or so in Jeonju, the culinary capital of Korea, eating and drinking my way round some of the signature foods of the region. 959 more words