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City lights and Pancakes

After a long day trip, nothing feels better than returning back to home base. Home for us was the neon blazing and bustling Shinjuku that never ceases to amaze. 149 more words


You're so Beautiful, But…

You’re so beautiful, But…By Erin Jay.

A while ago, I was having dinner with my dad.  This is an anomaly in and of itself, but it happened.  709 more words

Guest Posts

Meat is murder

To anyone who knows me, the title above will probably seem a bit odd. It’s no secret that I am very much a carnivore. I like nothing better than a variety of well cooked, beautifully seasoned meat. 673 more words


Whom the bell tolls

It was bound to happen sooner rather than later.

For years they have been brazenly marauding around our estate peddling their wares with no thought to the cost or the consequences of their actions. 449 more words

Three N Easy?

F*ck You Devil. The Diary of an Anorexic.

“The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he did not exist.” ― Charles Baudelaire

Looking through my old journal I find myself at a set of train tracks which if I choose to cross will take me to the dusty town I used to live in, filled with nights of pressing my ribs to make sure they still protruded and days of heavy eyelids from not sleeping. 856 more words

Jennifer Pastiloff

Bargaining with God.

I got really sick as I was leading my yoga retreat in Italy in July.

Sick like you get once every ten years sick, sick like you forget what that kind of sick feels like until you actually are that sick… 873 more words

Jennifer Pastiloff

Things That Break Easily. More on Anorexia.

I wrote this when I was 19. Clearly I was in the throes of anorexia.

                                    Things That Break Easily

What is Inevitable: The window men… 225 more words

Jennifer Pastiloff