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How to Improve Your SEO Ranking with Dom

Hello my eating friends, for this post Professor Pepe has asked us to explain how one can increase their blogs SEO ranking. If you want to learn more about Professor Pepe and his love for digital marketing check out his… 410 more words

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Example: Ordering Take-Out (음식을 포장하다)


포장 = (Lit.) Packaging

(음식을) 포장하다 = Get take-out

주문 = Order


포장해 주실 수 있나요? = Can I have this to go? 49 more words

[Type] Example

Picky Eating: What Do We Do?

Question: Today my 4 year old was given his dinner and refused to eat it.  He ate this meal (chicken, broccoli, and bread) last week.  We don’t know what to do when this happens so we usually end up sending him to his room, but this doesn’t feel right.   1,122 more words