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Taking milk from strangers

People often ask me what I do. When I say that I’m a medical anthropologist and I study breast milk sharing, the usual reaction is confusion and more questions. 2,245 more words


The Most Precious Gift of All: Breast Milk Sharing

I remember it so well. After laboring, my sweet baby was laid on my chest. She made her way to my breast and nursed for the very first time. 301 more words

4 Month Birthday

I’ve talked about this before, and probably will again, so try to bear with me.

Yesterday was little B’s 4 month well visit. He got a “perfect” from a doctor and there was even a “you’re doing a great job” for me to enjoy. 448 more words


Giving Back

As I think about what I want to write about, I am nervous actually. Our readers (thank you to those of you who have hung in there during our baby sabbatical) are used to travel blogs or about our interesting and strange encounters abroad. 428 more words


Got milk?

A huge ‘thank you’ goes out to Jeanette for suggesting Eats on Feets to me for milk donation!

I have been pumping for the twins since the day they were born, and giving birth to them at 29 weeks 2 days meant that there was a very large over supply of milk that they will likely never need to use before it expires. 520 more words


Community breastmilk sharing

One of the best bonuses of creating a cooperative like this one has been the amazing families that we’ve met, both donors and recipients. Frankly, we think the recipients are brave for taking a stand for what their babies need, and the donors are incredibly generous. 213 more words


In Honor of World Milk-sharing Week 2011

When I was pregnant with Eli I thought that breastfeeding would be easy. I read a lot of breastfeeding guides and they all stressed how much simpler it is compared to the inconvenience and expense of using formula. 563 more words