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February TBR

It’s February. My favorite month. Why? Easy, I was born in February during a monster snow storm. Okay, not a real monster sized storm, but monster sized for coastal Alabama. 445 more words



Pre-theatre dining can be a stressful experience. For the majority of people, work finishes around 5:30pm, which gives you 120 precious minutes to meet your friends (assuming you’re a sociable creature), pick a restaurant, scan the menu and pick the first dish that leaps off the page. 1,089 more words



For any true stickler, you see, the sight of the plural word “Book’s” with an apostrophe in it will trigger a ghastly private emotional process similar to the stages of bereavement, though greatly accelerated.

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Thurber was once asked by a correspondent: “Why did you have a comma in the sentence, ‘After dinner, the men went into the living-room’?” And his answer was probably one of the loveliest things ever said about punctuation.

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A Book Review: Lynne Truss' Eats, Shoots & Leaves

When I bought the book Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss, all I knew about it was that it was about grammar (via punctuation) and that I find the joke of the title hilarious. 380 more words

Humor & Wordplay


Assuming a sentence rises into the air with the initial capital letter and lands with a soft-ish bump at the full stop, the humble comma can keep the sentence aloft all right, like this, UP, for hours if necessary, UP, like this, UP, sort-of bouncing, and then falling down, and then UP it goes again, assuming you have enough additional things to say, although in the end you may run out of ideas and then you have to roll along the ground with no commas at all until some sort of surface resistance takes over and you run out of steam anyway and then eventually with the help of three dots … you stop.

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